Monthly Archives: May 2008

What lovely weather we are having…..

Hello everyone, Well it is a bank holiday Monday and I am sat at home looking out at the rain……. I have not trained today as I really don’t fancy riding in this nasty weather and I went swimming yesterday morning and ran yesterday evening. This is the time when I should really think about […]

Active Recovery, do you do it?

Good evening everyone, I have been sitting at home tonight after a long two weeks of quite heavy training and started thinking……. and thought I would share it with everyone. I am sure you all know that Recovery is as important, if not more important than the training that you do. Without recovery your training […]

The season has started…….

I just wanted to write a post today congratulating everyone of our friends and customers that competed at the Eton Supersprints this past weekend. I have had some great text messages and email from people telling me what a great weekend they had and how well they did in each of the disciplines. The Eton […]

Triathlon Open Water Swimming…. things to think about!

Hello everyone, One of the things we do a lot of through the summer is hold Open water swim training sessions. Open water swimming is one of the things that people coming into the sport of triathlon have little or no experience of doing. Swimming in open water can be a very scary and daunting […]

Better late than never!

Hello everyone, I am sorry that I have not been on here for a while, I will be back on again regularly from now on so don’t worry! I have been sorting out all the open water swimming and with the weather being so miserable have been keeping a close eye on the water temperatures. […]