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Hello everyone, been a while since I last wrote on here about what I have been up to and where I have been…..

My travels started in late November with a week training in Lanzarote at Club La Santa. I was out there coaching and training so got in some valuable time in the pool and on the bike in better weather than we were having in the UK. The week was a success and my clients got a lot of training completed. The week finished with a mini triathlon consisting of a 400m swim, 15km bike and a 4.5km run, I came first with my client coming across the line second so a real success.

Below: A few pictures of myself riding, swimming and during the race on the bike!

I was very happy to return home and see my girlfriend, and could get back to normal training with her. I am not sure how many of you have heard of the ‘Parkruns‘ that are held in numerous venues across London and now the country. They are 5km run that are FREE to enter and are fantastically organised and are run by volunteers every Saturday morning. I run the Richmond Park race as often as I can, it gives me a regular time trial to gauge my progress and it is a RACE, and no matter how hard you think you can push yourself in training you can never replace that race mode you get in when you are on the start line!Anyway, I run these races as often as I can and am a regular finisher in the top 5 although I am still struggling to break the elusive 18 minute barrier!!! For more details about the ‘parkruns‘ go to there website.

Above: A few pictures of me running in the new RG Active kit at the Richmond Park Parkrun!

Before Christmas I took a trip out to Monaco for 4 days to work and train, it was an eventful few days and although I did get in a 90km bike ride over the Monaco 70.3 Ironman course the few days also included a visit to Monaco Hospital with a stomach virus and being hit by a van whilst cycling and writing off my winter training bike completely (I was some how fine after the accident).

I arrived home just before Christmas and had a fantastic time with my family Christmas Day but was sensible knowing I was racing Boxing Day!Boxing Day was a trip to Essex for the Witham Boxing Day 5 mile running race. This is a race I used to run years ago during my athletic club days, it is a 5 mile course that is pretty flat and very, very well organised. I drove over with my girlfriend who was racing with me and meet my mum who was there as always to watch and offer support. It was a great morning, with over 500 runners and some really good runners at that I knew we were going to get a workout here!

Above: A picture of me coming into the finish and the mass start just after 11am on Boxing Day morning. I finished 23rd overall in a time of 29:43 minutes and my girlfriend run 39:04 minutes so we both were able to head home after very happy with a goo mornings work.

I followed the Boxing Day race up with a 3rd place at the Richmond Park 5k ‘Parkrun‘ yesterday and am sat here writing this on my first day off for a while and gagging to get back on the bike tomorrow.

I am getting right into the training now and feel I am slowly getting into some kind of shape that will enable me to complete Lanzarote Ironman in May 2009.

I am racing this coming week on New Years Day in the ‘Knacker Cracker‘ 10km off road race at Boxhill in Surrey. I raced it last year and am going back to beat my time hopefully? This particular race is classed as one of the hardest 10km races in the country and a great way to start the new year off so I will be back on here with news and results and pictures from that in 2009!

I hope this has all made sense? As you can see I have been quite busy and things don’t look to be slowing down into the new year!! Speak soon, stay fit and I will see and speak to you all in 2009!


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