My first Half Marathon and a lesson learnt!

Hello Everyone,

I am writing this today after a very eventful and exciting weekend and I thought I would tell everyone about it.

The weekend started with an early start for my first Half Marathon. I had entered the ‘Bolt round the Holt‘ 21km race that was held at Alice Holt Forest and organised by ‘all about triathlons‘. The race also included a 5km and 10km event so there were over 700 runners across the different distances and with friends racing and family watching and racing there was a good RG Active crowd there.

The 21km race started at 10am with the other two races starting at 5 and 10 minutes past so that would mean there would be plenty of people on the course to keep the 4 laps I had to run a little more exciting?

Remember, this was my first Half Marathon, EVER!

The gun went and as always I started quick, quicker than I should have done but I felt so comfortable? The first lap seemed to take forever and the 5km lap was a lot harder than I ever had imagined when the race info said ‘undulating’!!!!!

Anyway, I continued to feel great with a 18 minute second lap I decided to back off for the third lap so I could pick it up again on the fourth and final lap. It didn’t happen, I finished the third lap still feeling good but having still run a 20 minute 5km lap…..

The final lap started and I felt my legs begin to get heavy, but it wasn’t until the end of the first climb and descent with about 3km to go that I BONKED! If you have never bonked before it is like all of a sudden, someone has taken your legs away from you. They were heavy, empty, tight and the last 3 km went on and on and on with a walk/run type of technique adopted to get me to the finish line!

Team RG Active after the 'Bolt round the Holt'

I crossed the line in a time of 1 hour 31 minutes and 28 seconds and in 6th place overall which was ok but bearing in mind I have a marathon off the bike at Lanzarote Ironman in about 6 weeks I have to learn to pace myself, and quickly!

My girlfriend had a successful Half Marathon finishing just over 2 hours and with plenty in the tank to run it all over again (no guessing she is the experienced Ironman in the family). Taylor and Jonathan both had fantastic runs in the 5km, well done to Victoria and her sister who was running her first ever 5km, and Guy and Peter for their finishes in the 10km race.

The race will be a definite for next year and I can strongly recommend it to anyone looking for a course that is beautiful but testing and very well organised.

The Saturday finished with an afternoon in front of the TV watching the recoreded qualifying of the Malaysian Grand Prix and another Pole Position for Jenson Button ! Wahooooo!

Hope you like the clip, it sets the mood for the blog entry I will write tomorrow and will keep you interested.

Anyway, Sunday was my birthday and a day of celebration for my 29th year on the planet, I was dressed head to toe in compression fabric (my new RGA Compress Calf Guards, COMING SOON!) and found walking up and down stairs interesting!

I am going to leave this entry here, too much of a good thing and all that……..

No really it is late and I have to be up early for a 2 hour run before breakfast. I have another entry to write tomorrow that follows on from this one talking about pacing and my lessons learnt from the Half Marathon.

Speak to you all tomorrow,


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