Monthly Archives: July 2009

RG Active Athlete gets 2 top Ten finishes at Nationals

Hello everyone, Just had to sit through a very difficult Hungarian Grand Prix where Jenson did well to get a car that was obviously under preforming to a points finish and ‘damage limitation’ in his Championship challenge. Lets hope that the mid season break gives everyone and rest and the season re-start gives BrawnGP the […]

RG Active Athletes go IRONMAN crazy

Hello Everyone, We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate more RG Active athletes that have gone that bit further and completed IRONMAN races recently. It really is a huge achievement for anybody to put their bodies through this kind of punishment and to become an IRONMAN means you are one of a very […]

Tour de France, Formula 1 and Triathlon……

Hello Everyone, I have just finished watching the qualifying for the German Grand Prix on the BBC and am now watching the back end of the Tour de France stage on British Eurosport. I am obviously working hard at the same time and taking time out to write this post for you all! ha ha […]

24 hour Cycle Racing… Are you MAD? (Dermott was!)

Hello Everyone, been a while since I wrote you anything….. so here goes. As I write this blog entry it is a few days since I (Dermott) and my 3 teammates, The Four Cogs, completed a challenge called RIDE 24. Now that the legs and butt have recovered from the soreness and I have begun […]

Wetsuit Ban at Eton July 4th and 5th 09v – “WHAT DO I DO???”

Hello Everyone, I have just received a number of emails from some of you about the announcement from Humanrace about this weekend’s King Sturge triathlon, Timex Women’s Only triathlon and the Steelman triathlon races all being held at Eton this weekend. I understand the organiser’s reason for this, the rules do state that water temperature […]