Monthly Archives: October 2009

Recovery, massage, recovery, massage….. do you do enough of either?

Recovery is the key word on every athlete’s lips no matter what level you are competing at, if you don’t allow your body to recover you will never gain the full benefits from all the time you put into training hard! There is not just one single key and there is no magic bullet, It is a combination of a variety of strategies, and one thing that most people don’t think enough about to aid recovery is massage!
So I hear you say…how does sports and remedial massage help me?

Bigger is not always Better!!!! ‘My Race Report’

I wanted to tell you all about a race I did yesterday in Essex called ‘The Multi Mile Half Marathon’ and before you ask, ‘yes’ it was exactly that, thirteen times around a 1 mile lap that was all off-road and included two climbs per lap!

It’s all happening, and I love it!!!

After your last race at the end of the summer it is always a good idea to have 1-4 weeks off, and this gives your body a chance to recovery after the summer season and the time off always makes getting back into training so much better because you really begin to miss the buzz of the sessions and the racing!

Over-Training, Nutrition and the Athlete

to talk about over-training and how it relates to what you eat and don’t eat and how nutrition plays an important part in making you the ‘complete’ athlete. Nutrition is as important as any training session, you don’t put diesel in a petrol car and expect the same performance, do you?