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The Wildman Duathlon 2012

The runners started off at 10am, then the duathletes next at 10:15. The first 10k run was actually quite pleasant. It was a rolling course through woods, across fields and along a high ridge where the rain seemed to hit us the hardest. I ran steady but happy, very happy to be running again on my ankle which I unfortunately sprained badly several weeks ago (this is the thus yet calmest manner in which I’ve spoken about it – see earlier posts for more ranting).

Base Training – “Time to slow it down”

What is Base Training & What are the Benefits?

This time of the year for athletes is a chance to continue training but decrease the intensity after a season of hard racing. It is counter-productive and physically very difficult to continue training all year round at high intensity and expect the body to keep responding in a positive way.

The Triathlon World Champs Auckland 2013

My once in a life time trip to New Zealand with John and Carole was truly an amazing adventure! Apart from the english-like weather that consumed us the entire time we were there, it was a fantastic trip. We arrived on the only sunny day out of the two weeks, how unfair is that?? And even when it did brighten up for a few fleeting minutes, the wind and rain were still ever present making cycling ridiculously treacherous even for the most competent rider. But enough about the weather, lets talk World Champs!