3 weeks and counting……. until my first Ironman! urghhhh!

Hello Everyone,

How is everyone finding this lovely weather? I hope you have all been making the most of the weather, we have had two Open Water Swimming sessions at Ham Lake in beautiful weather with bright blue skies, and this coming Tuesday 5th we begin back at Roydon Mill Lake!

I hope everyone is receiving the RG Active Newsletters that we have started sending which are new for 2009. If you would like to receive the Newsletter and want to be added to the mailing list please email us, or enter your details into the grey box in the top right of the RG Active Website Homepage.

Did any of you run the London Marathon recently?

I would like to say well done to the following RG Active Clients and Friends for completing the London Marathon…….

Dave ‘Old Man’ C – 5:02:04 hours

Erica C – 4:46 :52 hours

Joanne G – 4:54:15 hours

And another Special mention to ‘Timbo’ for completing the Lisbon Half Ironman in 06:28:34 hours which is one of his preparation races for Frankfurt Ironman this Summer.

I will hopefully be posting my results and times for the Ironman on this blog/race report in a few weeks time?

My training is almost over and the tapering has begun. My girlfriend and I completed our last 6 hour ride on Friday and from here on it is resting and keeping ourselves sharp without expending too much before the big day… Lanzarote Ironman!

As far as I can tell I am ready, my girlfirend and I have trained hard and been very focused for the last 8-9 months and if I am honest I am looking forward to the experience more than I thought. My girlfriend completed Nice Ironman in 2007 so has been a great help in preparing me for what I am about to do and with Dermott having finished Florida Ironman last November he has been useful as well.

My goal for Lanzarote is to FINISH, I have been asked a million times “what time are you looking for?” or “do you think you can qualify for Hawaii?” to which I answer “I am not bothered!”. I am going to enjoy my first Ironman experience and hopefully finish wanting to do another and maybe then I can consider going a bit harder, or a bit faster? If I can get to the finish and have my family watching and my girlfriend there at the finish (whether she finishes before me or after me) then my first Ironman will have been a success!

Anyway, lets just see what the day brings and you can all track me on Ironman Live which allows you to follow an athlete ‘real time’. That is if you have nothing better to do on a Saturday! ha ha

I am going to leave you all alone for now, I hope to see a few of you at least this Tuesday 5th for some Open water action at Roydon Mill Lake?

The BSB (British Superbikes) are in action again tomorrow and I still have the Moto GP round from Catalunya to watch so have a great bank holiday Monday and make the most of the beautiful weather.

Speak to you all very soon,


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