The 30 Day Active Challenge

Welcome to 2017! We’ve created a ’30 day Active Challenge’ to get you into the swing of things in the new year. The challenge promotes movement, mobility and flexibility while engaging your core muscles with a variety of dynamic exercises.

You don’t need any fancy gym equipment to complete the challenge, the exercises can pretty much be done anywhere. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to complete the number of repetitions, so long as you complete them anyway you can. For example, if 30 seconds plank is too long, split it into two 15 second blocks. Or if you are finding the specified block too easy, you could always double the specified volume to make it more challenging!

Here’s a link to the PDF with instructions and specified exercises and repetitions, there are also links off to video demos showing you how to do each exercise.
30 Day Active Challenge

A little message from Coach Phil below to get you started, and yes, we did pick the foggiest day to create all the videos for this … just goes to show you can do the exercises anywhere in any weather, no excuses – get started today!

Be sure to share images on social media with us of you completing the challenge so we can help keep you motivated #30DayActive

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