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Plant Based Minerals – The Missing Link

The 21st century has seen the Health and Wellness industry as one of the fastest growing industries ever.

Health food supplement companies and alternative practitioners are often desperate to find the latest and greatest natural cure all!

However we believe that many are missing the point!

We believe that we need to examine nutritional needs at a cellular level to see what makes the body work most efficiently.

The modern western diet provides a human with more than enough calories, however its ability to convert these into useful energy depends more than anything on one group of nutrients, namely minerals!

Minerals are literally the spark plugs of the body!

Without minerals most of the body’s biochemical reactions would cease to occur. Many so called Nutritional experts believe that we only need 20-25 of these minerals for proper cellular functioning .This misguided view maybe due to the fact that topsoil today may only contain a maximum of approximately 14- 25 minerals. This is also evident from the fact that even the best organic fruits and vegetables only contain a maximum of 14-18 minerals.

However this once was not the case. Millions of years ago the topsoil contained in excess of 75 different minerals. The fact that the largest dinosaurs existed on a vegetarian diet gives an indication of how nutrient dense the plants of those days were.

The earths crust contains more than 100 mineral elements. Four of these nitrogen , carbon , oxygen and hydrogen make up 96% of our body. The remaining 4% are made up of 70 or more minerals many of which are not available in today´s soil.

Twice Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling believed that “ One could trace every sickness , every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.”

Research from the National Science Foundation states that animals need at least 45 minerals and in the field of animal husbandry mineral supplementation is seen as a prerequisite for optimal animal health. Gary Todd M.D an expert in the field of minerals stated that humans need at least 60 minerals for optimum health.

Now that we have ascertained that humans need a greater amount and variety of minerals than are available from our diet , how is it best to achieve this?

Many mineral supplements are currently available on the market. The best tablet/encapsulated formulations only contain at best 18 minerals. Many of these are derived either from soil or ancient seabeds . These type of minerals are metallic hydrophobic minerals. Hydrophobic means water insoluble. In the digestive system these minerals have to be ionized by stomach acid to make them water soluble. Even after this process only a maximum of 8 -10% can be absorbed. To improve absorption many companies manufacture mineral salts such as citrates, gluconates, polynicotinates etc. or bind the minerals to amino acids to form amino acid chelates which improves absorption to about 40%.

However these formulations are perhaps missing up to 50 different trace minerals.

There is only one type of natural mineral formulation available that supplies a full spectrum of 75 minerals and that is plant derived minerals.

When plants absorb minerals they convert them from hydrophobic to hydrophilic or water soluble minerals. In this form they are 100% absorbable by the body.

Minerals in this form have been extracted from an 840 acre, 80 million year old compost heap in Utah called Senonian compost since 1926.

Many products have been manufactured from these extracts but have failed to capture the publics affections due to unpalatability.

A new product has recently been launched in Europe which has addressed this problem. It is an effervescent wafer providing 600mg of a full spectrum of 75 plant derived minerals.

Called Sizzling Minerals it is both convenient and palatable and has already gained huge success due to the health benefits it has conferred on those who consume it.

Hipprocrates said “Let medicine be thy food and food be thy medicine”

It is therefore essential to include a fully balanced and assimilable mineral food as part of your diet in order to attain optimum health and vitality!

There is no better way that I know of doing this than by making sizzling minerals part of your daily food intake!


From the primordial slime, life crawled unto the land. Tectonic plates shifted and the earth spewed forth lava from her bowels. Mineral enriched ash coated the ground and gradually lush, abundant vegetation invaded and colonized the earth’s surface.

Then the era of the dinosaurs began.

Huge powerful life forms, the largest the planet has known. Most infamous was the predatory carnivore Tyrannosaurus Rex. Gorging on a high protein diet of flesh it was fast and powerful. However, the largest of the dinosaurs was a plant eating herbivore. The plant eating Brontosaurus grew to be in excess of 100 tons, yet with a mouth the size of a horse’s mouth, it fed only on a vegetarian diet!

The above scenario gets you thinking! Why were the dinosaurs so huge? It all comes down to the nutrient dense, bio-available food.

The secret of the dinosaurs wasn’t steroids. It wasn’t growth hormone! It was the Missing Link from our diets! MINERALS

That’s right MINERALS! So what are minerals and why are they so relevance to me, as an athlete?

Quite simply minerals are the spark plug of life. Every biochemical process in the body is driven by enzymes. Enzymes are catalysts – they accelerate chemical reactions so that they occur quicker; and enzymes NEED minerals to work.

To absorb protein you need minerals

To produce hormones you need minerals

To convert food into energy you need minerals

To build muscle you need minerals

If you want to train harder for longer, if you want to run faster and if you want to grow bigger you need minerals BUT be warned! – the quantity and type of minerals humans require is very specific.

Scientific studies indicate that we need at least 60 minerals.

The conundrum that exists today is that at most 18 minerals are available through our diet.

Most mineral supplements contain a maximum of 18 minerals BUT these minerals are either metallic or ‘man-made’ with a maximum absorption of 5-8% or in other cases may be chelated increasing absorption to perhaps ??%.

However Nature is clever! When a plant grows it absorbs minerals via its roots from the ground and converts these minerals from an insoluble metal form into a water soluble organic (or plant-derived) form. In this plant form there is virtually 100% absorption.

The Sizzling Minerals Wafers contain 600mg of 75 plant derived minerals in an effervescent wafer. These minerals are derived from plants that were compressed 70 million years ago by glacial action and are quite simply the nutrient dense vegetation that the dinosaurs once fed upon.

New to the market, these minerals are helping to improve the performance of athletes significantly.

No matter what sport you are involved in… you will feel the DIFFERENCE!

Imagine having the strength and stamina of a human ‘dinosaur’ of today; these minerals could just be that special secret you have been looking for to gain the competitive edge!

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