Back in the UK and the fatigue sets in!…….

Hello everyone,

We are back in the UK and after a busy weekend of Birthday Parties, BBQs, FA Cup Finals, Moto GPs, British Superbikes, Britain’s Got Talent and swim coaching at Ham we are sitting down to a quiet night and we are knackered!!!!!

After a few days of resting in Lanzarote, making the most of the sunshine and then travelling home it has taken the best part of a full week for the Ironman to really hit our systems and for us to feel physically tired. I can also say that as the pain and suffering I went through subsides I can look back at the event and feel very satisfied with how things went and the fact that I actually finished the ‘Worlds Hardest Ironman‘. Marsha and I are already thinking about what Ironman we can do next, and I never thought I would say that after last weekend! ha ha

Marsha apologies for not writing her ‘post race’ blog sooner but here it is, Marsha’s thoughts on her second Ironman…….

Marsha writes:

“it’s nice to be home and although we have come back to more beautiful sunshine it is sunshine without WIND so I am very happy to forget about the Island of Lanzarote for a while!”

“My race finished after what ended up being a 15 hour day and a day that I was very happy to see the end of. I crossed the line with my youngest son ‘Pee Wee’ and John was waiting for me with a hug and kiss after a long day, but, it was a very successful day in what is easily the hardest day I have had yet in my 3 years as a triathlete!”

“The day started off with the normal setting up of the bike in transition before suiting up and heading down to the water for a warm up before the organisers called you up for the 7am start. I had decided to position myself about three quarters of the way back after not feeling 100% that morning and a rubbish breakfast, so I just wanted to get started, stay out of trouble in the swim and get out on the bike.”

“The swim didn’t start as planned with a kick to the arm and having my googles kicked which meant a short stop to adjust all within the first 200 metres, but after that I did get into my rhythm and did the two laps exiting the water feeling good and ready to get cycling…….”

“I started the bike at a pace that was comfortable, I knew it was going to be a long day and with the wind blowing I wanted to save plenty for the climbs and the head wind which I knew came after the first 80-90km. Saving energy was easier said than done, with the head winds and cross winds even riding comfortable was not easy and it was really a course that sucked the energy from you. I really came into my own when we hit the climbs, having spent time in Mountains on the RG Active Training Camp and in the South of France a lot over the last few years I managed to catch and pass many of the people that had not conserved at the beginning and with a good descent off the last climb of the day I started thinking about the Marathon back in Puerto del Carmen. My nutrition had been good and although I did not want to see another energy gel or bar I felt good as I came into town and T2 for the change.”

“The Marathon started well, I have run a few marathons so it was not the unknown like John had to deal with. I started off well and got into a steady pace, I held this pace for the first two 10km laps and then I went for fuel…………. I got to one of the 4 aid stations that were on each lap and to my surprise there was a very poor selection of things to eat! I may have been spoilt at Ironman France but I was craving salt, real food, something other than an energy gel or sugary banana, but that was all they had and I could not bring myself to take on anything else sweet!”

“The last two laps were walked/run with Jimmy and initially with another athlete called Mark who was a lap ahead of us. All three of us were done, the long day and hard conditions/course had taken its toll and like a huge number of athletes on the course with us we were walking and running in various intervals with one common goal…… to FINISH!

“We did finish and as I said at the start I had my son and John both there with me to enjoy the moment!”

“I loved the event, I am so happy that I completed it and with the two Ironman recognised as the ‘hardest’ in the Ironman Calendar I can be very proud of myself. The Lanzarote Ironman has been my greatest physical achievement to date and I can finish this blog honestly saying I had a great time and loved ‘almost’ every second of my Lanzarote Ironman journey (the other few seconds were absolute hell!).”

“I hope you have all enjoyed my entries, this has been my first time writing ‘blogs’ and I have really enjoyed telling you my thoughts and feeling about our time in Lanzarote, Marsha.”

Well there it is, both of us have written our entries and other than boring you some more when we see you at an event or training session we will cross this box and start looking to the other event s we have left in 2009.

But before that I am going to watch a bit of TV and then go to bed as I am still resting and have lots to catch up on since I have been away for two weeks…..

Speak to you soon,


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