Back to training….. finally!

Hello Everyone,

For those of you that know me (@johnbrame) you would know that I have not had the best start to 2013.

I had a stomach ulcer burst on Boxing Day putting me in hospital and requiring 5hrs of emergency surgery to clean and fix the damage caused by the burst ulcer.

After 3 months of medication, careful eating and numerous bans on food, lifestyle etc I have finally received (in writing) my ‘all clear’ letter fro the Hospital.

I have been repeatedly told how lucky I was, and how serious a burst stomach is, but all I ever thought through the whole time was about how would I get back my fitness after 3 months of nothing?

What this time off and this medial issue has shown is how much I appreciate being fit and healthy and being able to do what I do on a day-to-day basis. It has also shown me how quickly your fitness can come back and how you can maintain a certain level of fitness even when you can’t do very much at all.

This is what I really wanted to talk about….

So many of my athletes/clients tend to panic when they get ill or injured. We regularly have athletes arrive at sessions full of cold or carrying injuries and because they are so scared of loosing fitness they are willing to punish themselves and put themselves in more danger of making their injuries worse, or pro-longing their illness?

Don’t get me wrong I didn’t do NO training for 3 months, but I was sensible, I used common sense and I did light training realistic to the conditions, my condition and listened to everything my body was telling me. If I needed 3 days off after a training session, I took 3 days off. If my body was still not right after 3 days I took more time off.

Where this has left me is…. last night I ran on the track with the @RGActive group and I after two sessions in my legs going into the session I was running very similar split times to those i was running at the back end of last season when I raced for GB at the World Champs, and that is after a burst stomach ulcer, major abdominal surgery, 3months of sickness and gastric bugs and over 10kg of weight loss!!!!

Anyway, I am back to training, feeling great and look forward to a busy season both with my @RGActive work and with the racing and training I have planned.

Thank you for reading and I will speak to you all soon,

John (@johnbrame)

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