Blenheim Triathlon 2008… Well done everyone!

I just wanted to congratulate everyone on their fantastic results at the Blenheim triathlon last weekend.

I have had numerous emails from people with their results and times and telling me what a great time they had.

Marsha had a good day at Blenheim, although finding the sprint distance event very different to her favored long distance ‘Ironman’ events, but did say she would love to go back next summer!

The swim exit and run to transition again was a talking point making transition times slower and never ideal after the swim section in a triathlon.

The bike course I think court a few people out as well, with more lumps and bumps than you might have expected, but in the surroundings of the Palace I could not think of a more beautiful place to ride a bike with the sun shining down on you.

If anyone wants to send me their thoughts on the weekends race, or they did or did not have a good race please feel free to email me at Triathlon is a good sport because there is ALWAYS ways you can improve. you will very rarely, if ever have the perfect race because there are so many things that happen happen both in and out of your control. I am happy to answer any questions people might have and look forward to hearing from you?

I will be writing another post soon, I am looking at adding a mid week coached swim session to the list of swims at RG Active’s Ham Lake venue for those people not too keen on the Saturday morning sessions that we hold.

The next event on the cards for many people is The Royal Windsor Triathlon. The Windsor Triathlon is one of the UK’s flagship events being voted the ‘best event’ numerous times in the 220 Triathlon magazine awards.

This years Windsor triathlon will be on Sunday 15th June and have a strong 3000+ field including some top Professional triathletes and some more familiar names such as James Cracknell and Formula One’s Jenson Button, another friend of RG Active!

Check out Jenson’s personal website for more news about his triathlon training and racing:

Speak to you all soon, and as always if anyone has any questions about anything triathlon please feel free to drop me an email on

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