Blenheim Triathlon 2008…

Well the Blenheim triathlon is upon us all once again, I have seen numerous clients over the past few weeks all looking for that one last swim session before the big day!

The race has particular significance to me so it has been on my calendar for a while (but that is a very different story), but for many it will be their first triathlon ever and that is a ‘BIG’ thing. The Blenheim triathlon is a fantastic event held a fantastic venue and if the weather is even half as good as last year every single competitor will have a great day.

The one part of the Blenheim triathlon that many people talk about is the run from the swim exit to the transition area. The reason for this is that the run takes you straight up hill after you exit the water and that is never ideal when you have been horizontal and only finished the first part of a three part event! But my advice to everyone is take your time, start walking up the hill and get your wetsuit off the top half of your body, then if you feel good break into a jog.

I will not be at the event this year as I have to be else where, but I will be keeping a keen eye on the results and look for all the names I recognize! If anyone wants to send me their results or has any questions about the event before or after please feel free to contact me on

A few things that everyone should remember on race day:- Number belt, the race organizers recommend a number belt, this goes round your race and you attach your number to the belt. The number needs to be on your ‘back’ for the bike and your ‘front’ for the run and the belt enables you to spin it round.

– Wetsuit lubricant, this you put round your wrists, ankles and especially round your neck. this will prevent chaffing around ytour neck and help you get your wetsuit off in transition after the swim.

– Talcum powder – This is a ‘must have’ for every triathlete’s kit bag. This goes into your bike and run shoes when you are setting all your things up in the transition area before you go down to the swim start. It is a great trick that everyone should do!

– A bright towel – this you will use on the floor to mark your territory in the transition area, you can place all your shoes, helmet, glasses etc on it and if it bright enough it will also help you find your place amongst all the other bikes. It also gives you something to wipe your feet on before putting your shoes on!

– A smile – It is a must have for every triathlete that competes, the day is about having fun and enjoying your triathlon. You also never know who will be taking pictures, friends, family, loved ones, official photographers…..

If anyone happens to forget anything on race day then I am happy to tell you that triandrun will be there with their full retail setup for any equipment, bike maintenance and advice. See for more details.

I am going to bed now as i have to up early tomorrow for a coaching session, please let me know how you all get on at the event and I will look forward to seeing you all soon.

Regards John

For more information about the Blenheim Triathlon go to there official website for results, information etc.

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