5 Top Ultra Marathon Tips, From Ultra Runner Tom Adams

Ultra running is a sport of the mind as well as the body. Months of preparation go into training your body to cope with the demands of competing over many hours of racing. But to be able to successfully complete an ultra marathon you need to be more than just fit. Knowing your own race […]

Top things to consider before going on a training camp

Training camps are a fantastic opportunity to take a break from work and family commitments and feel what it’s like to train like a pro for a week. While more time to train is an obvious advantage, one of the other key bonuses the pros have is that they have more time to recover, which […]

Diet Tracking; how to track your food and why you should be doing it

Triathletes are excellent when it comes to their love of technology and its implementation in to training. We like tracking our training, seeing those numbers, hours of training on a screen and for some the joy of analysing the power and speed data, looking at where we can be making improvements. We should all be […]

Should we stretch before exercise?

In recent years stretching has become quite a controversial topic within the endurance community with many challenging its place as part of a warm up routine. Traditionally the logic has been that stretching when used in a warm up made our muscles more pliable, and readied them for exercise making them work better and reducing […]

5 Ways being more active can improve workplace productivity and more…

Are you looking for something sporty for your staff, colleagues or business? Have you considered entering a triathlon, cycling challenge or running event? More and more companies are looking to sport as way of team building, motivating and energising their employees and this blog post explains a little more about why you should at least […]


Now that Christmas is finished and everyone is on the mend from that terrible flu, too much shopping, too much family, or all 3, it is time to start thinking about getting back to fitness. I have decided this year to join in with all the other non-drinkers and attempt what has been commonly known […]

Progression not Perfection!

As I ring in the New Year I sometimes feel the need to make unrealistic resolutions I never seem to stick with. I set out with good intentions but then forget about them somewhere between January and February….sound familiar? So this year I have decided my ethos for New Years will be simple, it will […]

The 30 Day Active Challenge

We’ve created a ’30 day Active Challenge’ to get you into the swing of things in the new year. The challenge promotes movement, mobility and flexibility while engaging your core muscles with a variety of dynamic exercises.