A very busy week, with a little of everything!

Thought I would write this blog entry after a VERY busy week that was an emotional rollercoaster on so many levels.

The week started with the bank holiday with the Financial Times sponsored Eton open water swim race organised by Humanrace where I competed in the 5km event.

The Tuesday included a 10mile run for myself in the morning before a long day behind the computer getting the Quest Sports Wear and RG Active businesses up to speed with the ever growing mountains of paperwork.

Wednesday was more paperwork and computer work but Marsha and I had entered the first VOTwo evening triathlon at Eton. We have done a few of these vents over the last two seasons and they are great races, well-organised and low-key so perfect training for Marsha as she prepares for the European Champs in Kitzbuhel, Austria. I had a good race, 3rd out of the water in wave 1 of 3, then up to 2nd on the bike and ran strong to finish 2nd although was never going to catch 1st place. 2nd in my wave gave me 5th overall and a time of 1hr 01min so happy with that.

After the evening triathlon it was a case of resting and Thursday was an enforced day off due to my Grandmother’s funeral in Chelmsford. Marsha and the boys all attended the funeral and it was a lovely remembering a very special lady with family and close friends. Loosing someone close to you, someone who has played a large part in making you who you are is horrible and I try to remember the good times I had with my grandma and use the emotions to inspire me and make me more focused and more driven than before. Grandma was always a supporter of mine, she believed in me and supported me and I will always be greatful for help being in my life. She is now back with my Grandad and may they both RIP together.

After the low of the funeral, my attention turned back to work with paperwork and preparation for the swim session and swim race we were organising at Ham Lake at the weekend. On top of the RG Active work I had also been given an entry into the World Triathlon London sprint triathlon in Hyde Park on Sunday, so the weekend was going to be busy.

The swim session on Saturday was again busy, the season doesn’t look like slowing down for RG Active any time soon. After the session on Saturday Marsha and I ventured to Hyde Park for VIP access to the Elite men’s and women’s races. The elites were racing over the sprint distance, so it was fast and furious and very exciting, I think we witnessed the future of professional triathlon! Then home to friends and BBQ in the glorious weather we were having.

Finally the end of a busy week had arrived, so after a week like this what do you do… of course, you squeeze as much as you can into it!

The day started early with the Blueseventy sponsored RG Active swim race at Ham Lake. 30+ swimmers and a beautiful day made the race a great success and a good start to the day. Then it was home, change and a short ride in Hyde Park where Marsha and Mum would meet me with my kit bag ready to race at 3pm.

I spent a couple of hours resting, preparing and hanging out with my sponsors at the Blueseventy tent in the expo, as always Marsha and I couldn’t walk too far without seeing a client or friend so the time passed quickly and my 3pm wave start was upon me.

I had a good race at Hyde Park at the end of the season and I had only done one triathlon since then; which was only on Wednesday; so I wasn’t sure how well things would go. I had a solid swim exiting the water in 3rd place. On the bike I felt tired, my legs felt like they were missing 10-15% of their usual, but I held 3rd place and got out on the run expecting to hold my position. I felt surprisingly good running, I was motivate by having Mum, Marsha and some other friends cheering my name and at the end of lap 1 I saw 2nd place, this encouraged me and I pushed on…

… got myself into 2nd and held it to finish in 1hr 08mins and run a 17:32min 5km off the bike so very happy. This wave result gave me the age-group win and 5th overall, so a good way to round off a busy and tiring week. The Hyde Park is becoming a real favourite race of mine and I will definitely be back again in 2015, and hopefully I will get to race with Marsha which is always a very special thing!

A week of highs and lows, of happiness and some sadness and all spent with my friends and family, so I cannot complain. I get to work, train and race, and everything I get to do with my Mrs and I love it!

Speak again soon,

RIP – Vera Brown – My Grandma


“I practise and I practise until I get lucky!”

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