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A trip to Paris, for me, is always going to be exciting, but throw in a  trip to Disneyland as well and now it becomes magical. This was the 3rd time John and I have competed in the Run Disney  Weekend and each time seems to get more fun than the last. Run Disney Weekend […]

Swimrun Racing – What’s it all about?

Swimrun racing was born in 2002 out of a drunken bet between friends, in which two teams of two raced each other over 75 km of swimming and running across the islands east of Stockholm. The last team to finish paid for the hotel, dinner and drinks. Since then the sport has evolved into the […]

Considerations for Winter Run Training

Of all disciplines in triathlon, running is arguably the easies to maintain over the winter. And while heading out into the cold can be a little difficult to motivate yourself at times, it’s a lot easier to fit into your day. On-season sessions tend to be more focused on building speedwork and getting up to […]

The importance of controlling lateral movement for sport

In our previous strength based blog we looked at how you can structure your workout to incorporate flexibility, strength and skill work. A strong athlete isn’t one who just has strong muscles, but also the skill to use them efficiently to do whatever movements their sport requires. The more specialist the movement or sport, the […]

5 Top Ultra Marathon Tips, From Ultra Runner Tom Adams

Ultra running is a sport of the mind as well as the body. Months of preparation go into training your body to cope with the demands of competing over many hours of racing. But to be able to successfully complete an ultra marathon you need to be more than just fit. Knowing your own race […]

PRODUCT REVIEW: Altra Lone Peak 1.5

But, then I ran in them… I started off with a short run (30mins) and over a period of a few weeks; before my first race; I built up the mileage monitoring everything I could about how the shoe felt, what my form was like and how I recovered after. I still feel like I have more running to do but my impressions so far are…. AWESOME!