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RG Active Sports Coaching and Training – Triathlon Training and Racing

I am sure many of you have races coming up in the next few weeks………..

So make sure you check out the RG Active website for all the sessions and events that we are running in 2010 to keep you all sharp, motivated and enjoying every single second that you are training and racing the sport that we all love….TRIATHLON!

Check out the following links for Triathlon specific sessions for you to attend across London:

RG Active dominate the Roydon Aquathlon

Our Roydon open water swim facility was the venue for the 1st Inter-Club Aquathlon on Saturday 22nd August, and with athletes from RG Active, Bishops Stortford Tri Club and the Met Police Tri Club it was hoped we would have a great event.

Wetsuit Ban at Eton July 4th and 5th 09v – “WHAT DO I DO???”

Hello Everyone, I have just received a number of emails from some of you about the announcement from Humanrace about this weekend’s King Sturge triathlon, Timex Women’s Only triathlon and the Steelman triathlon races all being held at Eton this weekend. I understand the organiser’s reason for this, the rules do state that water temperature […]

British Summer gives you a good excuse for Training Camp?

Good afternoon everyone, If you ever needed an excuse to go abroad and train, then this summer would give you that excuse. The weather has been miserable and although we are hardened to it, it is started to get test my motivation to the max! Above: A typical summer’s day in the UK this year! […]

Warm weather and staying Hydrated!

Hello Everyone, I hope everyone is enjoying the odd bits of good weather and working on those tan lines! I have been training hard and my tan lines are coming along quite nicely, I have been lucky enough to get out on the bike during the week when the sun has been shining. If anyone […]

Blenheim Triathlon 2008…

Well the Blenheim triathlon is upon us all once again, I have seen numerous clients over the past few weeks all looking for that one last swim session before the big day! The race has particular significance to me so it has been on my calendar for a while (but that is a very different […]

Triathlon Open Water Swimming…. things to think about!

Hello everyone, One of the things we do a lot of through the summer is hold Open water swim training sessions. Open water swimming is one of the things that people coming into the sport of triathlon have little or no experience of doing. Swimming in open water can be a very scary and daunting […]

Better late than never!

Hello everyone, I am sorry that I have not been on here for a while, I will be back on again regularly from now on so don’t worry! I have been sorting out all the open water swimming and with the weather being so miserable have been keeping a close eye on the water temperatures. […]

Its that time of year again …. Open water swimming time!

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is well? I just wanted to let everyone about the Open water swimming that will be starting in the first week of May at both of our venues. Our newest venue is in South West London and although you won’t see it on the RG Active website yet, keep your […]