Day 1 in Lanzarote, WIND, WIND, WIND and more WIND!

Hola everyone,

You can probably guess what the bulk of this first entry will be about from the title? ha ha

Well Marsha and I have arrived safely in Lanzarote and we thought that over the next week and a bit we would both write blog entries about how we are feeling and what we are thinking in the run up to the Ironman.

As many of you are aware this is my first Ironman and for Marsha it is her second after completing Ironman France in 2007 (in her first year in the sport!).

Anyway, here are our entries, we have just had dinner and are planning to be up early for a swim tomorrow so here goes:

Marsha writes:

“I am very happy to report that all went well on our journey from London to Lanzarote! Becasue of a very quick tail wind we arrived half an hour earlier than expected, and this will not be the only time the wind effects my stay in Lanzarote I am sure! I am praying for that very same tailwind to be present on race day, and that is BEHIND me for the whole 180km!!!!!”

“Its a beautiful island and a great place for sports, the roads for the most part are in superb condition and as long as they are downhill and don´t involve any head wind, I am looking forward to riding them on race day.”

“It is very tempting to go and sit out at the pool after training but as seasoned athletes we know that would be too dehydrating, so the strawberry daquari on poolside will have to wait until May 24th after the race! Speak to you all again soon, Marsha”.

John writes: And its not quite as positive as Marsha´s……

“Today was a shock to the system, and unfortuantely not a good shock!”

“We got straight out on the bike after breakfast for a 2 hour ride, to make sure the bikes worked and see what the weather conditions were like. The bikes were great, the weather however was not!!!!!”

“The wind is strong and gusty which is not a problem when it is behind you, but blowing across you makes things very interesting. I have already considered asking my mum to bring out a different wheel to replace my deep section front wheel, but after relaxing a little back at the Hotel I think I will be ok?”

“We also drove the bike course today in the hire car and saw what we have encounter on top of the wind…….. can somebody please tell me why I am here doing this again!!! ha ha”

“Right enough moaning and being a fairy, we are both here in a lovely Hotel and the weather is great (apart from the wind). I am actually looking forward to the challenge ahead of me. It will definitely be a very hard challenge but one I intend to enjoy…. My first Ironman!”

“I will be back online tomorrow and hopefully the initial shock of the task ahead will have sunk in? John”

There we have it folks, it has begun. We are here and we are doing it!!!!!!!

See you tomorrow….

One thought on “Day 1 in Lanzarote, WIND, WIND, WIND and more WIND!

  1. Dave Fenton says:

    Hi John & Marsha,
    just looked on the website and read the blog. Hope your both well and ready for the race?
    I’m still training hard.I’m swimming twice today and got a 100mile sportive tomorrow. I’ve got a new bike, a Cervelo p2 being built so hopefully that will help me in Austria. Still looking at coming out to Monaco for the 70.3, thou hav’nt entered yet.
    Sadly my Mothering Law passed away on Wednesday so things not so rosey here.
    Spoke to Timbo on the phone in the week, he was telling me all about Lisbon.
    Enjoy Lanzarote and take it easy this week,
    All the best, Dave

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