How to get INJURED this Winter…. READ THIS!


Yes thats right, How to Get Injured is the title which hopefully has caught your attention. Injury Prevention just didnt seem to be as attention grabbing.

These are my 10 top tips to help you successfully injure yourself this off-season.

1. Do not warm up or cool down….ever.

2. Do not replace your old trainers and make sure you keep running on them.

3. Do not listen to your body when its tired…just get out there and train.

4. Do not go to bed early and try to get as little sleep as you can.

5. Do not get a proper bike fit.

6. Do not go into the gym and improve your strength and conditioning.

7. Do not get a massage.

8. Do not eat properly.

9. Do not get any Performance Testing and if you did…do not stay in your zones.

10 .Last but not least…make sure you OVERTRAIN.

If you think this could never happen to you, think again.

We often over look the ‘basics’ of training in the sport we all love and consequently will get injured.

If you take action now and not let any of these nasty things spoil your off-season training, you will be strong and prepared for your 2011.

I would like everyone to be ready for their next season in whatever your goals may be, remain healthy, focused and prepared to continue training and enjoying the journey, so make sure you read this, forward it on and if you DON’t want to get injured this winter come and see RG Active where we can help!

See you all soon,


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