I’m happy to be home John……NOT!

Hello everyone,

I am sorry I have not been around for a while, I have been on a short holiday to the South of France with my girlfriend.Our intention had been to go out and train hard for a week and celebrate my birthday on the last day before coming home but due to my shoulder the training was not as hard as we had originally planned.

We did get out on the Monaco course for a ride however. If anyone is thinking of doing Monaco this year I would definately recommend getting out to ride the course before race day. It is possibly the hardest and the most technical triathlon bike course I have ever ridden and will test even the most confident and experienced cyclist.

If anyone wants to know about the Monaco bike course, how to train or if you want any details about the best way to get out and ride it yourself etc…. please feel free to drop me your questions on an email.

We also went out for a ride with our friend Mark. Mark owns ‘Top Cycles’ the best bike shop in the Cote d’Azur. He is also a triathlete and cyclist and being a local took us out on one of his training rides, and WOW!

The roads were stunning and scenery was out of this world, the weather did help, with the sun shining, and being in shorts and short sleeves.I had a fantastic time and got to celebrate my birthday with my girlfriend in the sun, how could it have been any more perfect?

Well I am home now and after a full day of delays trying to get back into Heathrow, and returning to snow and cold and miserable weather!

I cannot say I am happy to be home but I am and am now getting ready to a busy summer in the UK with Rg Active’s swim sessions starting very soon and the race season starting in only a few weeks!!!

Speak again soon, John

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