It’s all happening, and I love it!!!

Hello everyone,

I thought I would write a post because I have not written anything for a while and a enough has happened that I can keep you all up to date.

Firstly I would like to share this recent email I received from one of my RG Active athletes after a fantastically successful first Half Ironman, and season in general.

“I have been training with John for around a year now – I have my own tailored programme and attend private coaching, group open water swims and transition training. Johns programmes are always challenging but realistic and are designed for your own circumstances and goals – this means that I have been able to stick to them virtually all the time and I was successful in completing my first half ironman in under 6 hours. If I have any queries or want to chat over anything, John is always happy to have a call to help me out. All the training sessions (group and private) have been great – they are not just hard sessions, I learn new skills and make technical improvements as well. John and Marsha are also always very motivational and encouraging – be it at events we have all competed in, at training sessions or by email/phone. If you want a knowledgable coach who you feel genuinely cares about your training and about you meeting your goals, John and RG Active fit the bill perfectly.”

Yes, its flattering, but emails like this are so rewarding and when you can be part of someone’s goals and help them achieve their goals it makes the job of coaching very worth while! Well Done Vicky, and keep up all the fantastic hard work!

I hope everyone has had a bit of time off since the season finished?

After your last race at the end of the summer it is always a good idea to have 1-4 weeks off, and this gives your body a chance to recovery after the summer season and the time off always makes getting back into training so much better because you really begin to miss the buzz of the sessions and the racing! I had a few weeks off after The London Triathlon and have been back into training for a few weeks now. And, the rest has worked with me setting new PB’s over 5km and in the RG Active Brick Session, so I am not just saying it!

The Winter Training…..

Yes, Winter is approaching, and Fast! The nights are drawing in and the mornings are darker, which for me makes motivating myself harder, but if you want to have a good season next year this is when all the hard work has to be done and training in the dark, wet, cold British Winter makes you mentally and physically stronger. It also makes you appreciate the long Summer days and the better weather so much more.

RG Active have already started the Autumn Winter Training Rides in Essex, we have started our NEW Kayaking sessions at Ham lake and the Brick Session continue to run through the Winter at Richmond Park and Hogg Hill Cycle Circuit in Essex. These sessions will hopefully help all of you to keep motivated, and keep in touch with other triathletes and active people. Triathlon is not just a Summer sport and there is plenty of fun to be had i everyone of the 12 months of the year!

Have a look at the video below, this is a new video that I put together after the very successful Kayaking session last weekend. The session was started because it seemed such a shame to have such a great venue in Ham lake there and it only be used from May-August? If you would like to attend the next kayak session please CLICK HERE.

Did anyone watch the Formula One race from Brazil last weekend?

As you probably know I am a Jenson Button Fan and was lucky enough to see him cross the line (on TV) at Brazil last weekend in 5th place which was enough to secure the Formula One World Championship for 2009. Brawn GP also secured the Manufacturer’s Title as well in Brazil so it was a double celebration.

Many of you know that Jenson likes his triathlon and was at this years London Triathlon where he finished the Olympic distance race in 2 hours 07 minutes and finished 2nd in his age group. Jenson can now go to Abu Dhabi with no pressure and we can all enjoy what will be a great race on a new circuit. Very exciting season and the perfect result. All we need now is for Valentino Rossi to win the Moto GP World Championship and Bradley Smith (who was on the last RG Active Winter ride in Essex) to win the 125cc title????

New staff and partners to RG Active…..

Many of you will have seen the Newsletters and website pages that introduce and offer the services of David, RG Active’s very own Nutritionist! Check out how David can help you with any aspects of your diet.

Remember………”YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!”

And staying on the same theme of Nutrition, I would like to tell you all about the latest product to the RG Active Store…… SIZZLING MINERALS!

As with everything that RG Active promote and sell, we strongly believe in this product and all of the RG Active staff use the Sizzling Minerals themselves. To briefly describe what they do……

Virtually everyone has a Mineral deficiency and you are never going to get all of the Minerals you need from the food you eat (you might get 4-5 at most). These Mineral supplements are water soluble and just popping one tablet into 500ml of water will give you an assortment of 75 plant derived Minerals!

Mixed 3 Pack

The Sizzling Minerals are completely natural, NO FAT, NO CALORIES and NO CARBS. I personally have been using the Minerals for a couple of months now and cannot say anything other than positive things about them.

For more information or to buy the a sleeve of 15 tablets (you only take 1 per day) go to the RG Active website or email me ( and I will bring some with me to the next RG Active session you attend.

Well I am going to leave this post here, as you are probably all bored? ha ha

I look forward to seeing you all very soon,


P.S. Remember to check out the RG Active Training Camp in Majorca in march 2010. we only have limited places available, so it will be first come, first served. If you would like more details about this Camp please visit the RG Active website.


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