Meal Idea: Chicken, apricot & macadamia salad

Chicken, apricot & macadamia salad

80-100 g Roast or grilled sliced chicken breast
20-25 g Chopped dried apricots
20 g Smashed macadamia nuts
30 g Salad leaves
Add pepper, seasoning and a dash of olive oil for flavour

  • Simply toss all the ingredients together in a bowl to make this easy salad. It is a great light meal that you can make fresh or prep to take to work for lunch. It’s packed full of nutrients with high protein, slow release energy and vitamins and minerals to keep you energised and healthy.
  • This salad provides most of the energy from the ‘good fats’ in the nuts, with a little coming from the apricot, making it relatively low carb.

However, you can adapt the ingredients to meet your requirements. If you’re having this after a training session you can increase the carbohydrate content to replace your muscles energy stores, by adding in more dried fruits, some chickpeas or by serving it all up in a wholemeal wrap.

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