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Hello Everyone,

As always RG Active are on the look out for things to keep you up to date with whats going and and new challenges to target to help those motivational levels up nice and high.

So, I thought I would tell all you RG Active Women out there about a NEW women’s only cycling events taking place this summer. The company has been set up by a long time friend or RG Active and we are happy to help him launch and grow his events over the coming years!

Cycletta overview:

Olympic Gold medallist Victoria Pendleton has launched Cycletta supported by Sky and British Cycling, a unique series of women-only, mass participation events, created to inspire more women to take up cycling.

Cycletta description:

Two events are scheduled in 2011; Cycletta South on the 11th September near London and Cycletta North on 2nd October near Manchester.

Check out the website for more information.

Cycletta’s mission:

Cycletta was created to inspire women to take up cycling. Designed to provide participants, with enough of a challenge, while remaining achievable and accessible to all. The events will encourage women to take into consideration their current level of fitness, whilst learning the basics about training, equipment and apparel. We believe by creating a cycling event series for all women and ability levels, we’re filling an existing gap in the market.

Cycletta Website:

Feel free to visit Cycletta’s website and Facebook page and get yourself entered for the 2011 events. Once your entered RG Active can help you plan your training around your life and make the most of what I am sure will be a great day in the saddle!

Speak to you all again soon,

RG Active

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One thought on “NEW Women’s Only Event – Cycletta

  1. Jenny Mason says:

    Hi there
    I live in North Devon and have just started back again on my bike after a couple of years of non-cycling and need some new clothing to inpire me to get out of bed and start losing some weight!

    I have just been reading the November edition of Cycling Active and came across a picture on the events page 132 and I love all the kit that the girl is wearing second from left. I have looked at your webiste but am having trouble in finding anything. Please can you help? I don’t suppose the sizing is up to a 16!

    Thank you for your help.


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