Now I am being asked to write Articles in Magazines?

Hello Everyone,

It has been a while since I was last writing on my BLOG. A lot has been happening since returning home from Lanzarote and not all of it good.

With our little one ‘Pee Wee’ having to have his appendix removed and then my Grandma having a stroke we spent the best part of a week in Hospitals across London which was not a pleasant time, I am however pleased to inform you that both Pee Wee and my Grandma are both better and recovering well.

Then it was on a plane from Heathrow with Jenson Button for a week of ‘HARD’ training in Monaco before the British Grand Prix this weekend. This was not the best way to get back into training after an Ironman and my body definitely took a kicking trying to give Mr Button a workout, especially when we were riding the Monaco 70.3 bike course!!!!!!! Lets hope that the hard work over there pays off and we see Jenson standing on top of the podium this weekend at the British Grand Prix as well as having a great race at this years London triathlon!

While I was away, I did receive a request to write a short article for a magazine about the cycle section of a triathlon. I am not sure when it will go to print but here is a sneak preview for everyone to read……

The London Triathlon – BIKE

One thing that you should never forget during the swim, bike or run of a triathlon is to ENJOY yourself!

This is the one point I try to instill in all of my RG Active athletes. Only a handful of athletes are there to win, but for many of you the day is about challenging yourself, testing yourself and pushing your own personal boundaries. If you remember this you will experience one of the most exciting and fulfilling days you will ever have wearing lycra and rubber!

Your race day will begin after you exit the London Docks. It is very important to climb safely out of the water, onto dry land and then swiftly on to your bike.

You are competing in the World’s Biggest Triathlon – be proud of yourself! Soak up the atmosphere and enjoy every second as you ride your bike around the Capital City.

Your bike (which should be race-ready) will be waiting for you in the transition area, tyres up to optimum pressure, and in gear that is not too big or small – so that you’ll be able to mount as soon as you leave the transition area and hit the open roads of London!

Whether you are chasing a personal best or merely wanting to get to the end of the bike section, it is crucial not to overdo this phase of the triathlon. A 5km or 10km run can feel like a very long way if there is no fuel in the tank!

The trick to riding a successful bike leg in a triathlon is to work hard and stay in control. If you are able to relax while riding then the bike will be more responsive and easier to handle. It is also essential that you drink! Whether water or your favourite energy drink, your time on the bike is when you should increase your fluid intake. The hotter the weather the more you need to drink – simple.

As you get close to the end of the bike leg, make sure you take time to prepare for the run. You should have dropped down into a smaller gear to take some of the resistance off of your legs, allowing them to spin. Making sure that you have consumed plenty of liquid, all that is left to do is park your bike in transition and hit the pavement running!

So what do you think? Only nice comments please?

Anyway, this is only a quick email because it is late and I am tired after getting in late from the Tuesday night RG Active Swim Session at Roydon Mill lake!

Make sure you all have a good look at the NEW RG Active Online Store and see if there is anything that tickles your fancy?

Fingers crossed for Jenson this weekend, he is looking good so far this season, so lets hope the winning streak can continue and get Jenson his first British Grand Prix WIN!

JB collecting his trophy at Monaco
JB collecting his trophy at Monaco

Speak to you all again soon,


One thought on “Now I am being asked to write Articles in Magazines?

  1. Gail says:

    They’d better publish it – it’s a really nice piece and I especially like the sentiments about enjoying yourself. You’re spot on – all that hard work that goes in, not to actually enjoy it on the day and realise that it’s a personal challenge would be a real shame.
    Keep it coming.

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