Triathlon has become one of the biggest sports in the country and one area it has seen a huge amount of growth is within the corporate sector, with some of the largest companies in the world entering huge teams into triathlons and in some cases even holding their own triathlon events either in-house or within their industry sector.

rg:active company training days can help your company add additional value to your triathlon experiences by offering a host of different packages that enable your employees to get ready for the big day, perform to the best of their abilities and do their company proud.

During a full company training day, depending on numbers, we normally operate a rotational group system and take each group through the following:

– General seminar and discussion on triathlon, equipment needed, training and an opportunity for attendees to ask any questions

– Group swimming session (usually open water)

– Group run session

– Group transition/bike session

During each group session athletes are given expert coaching and advice from the rg:active coaching team on each of the disciplines of triathlon, giving everyone the confidence they need to reach the finish line on race day.

We cater for ALL abilities during these sessions


This event is open to all abilities.


These sessions run from January through to December.


subject to numbers, duration, venue etc.

Please contact us to discuss your options and requirements for your own company or corporate training day, we can tailor the day to meet your requirements.

Price will be dependent on a number of variables, venues, numbers, safety requirements etc..