Have you ever wanted to know what it is like to be a professional athlete?

One of the main differences that sets the professional athletes apart from everyone else is the time they get for recovery. After a long and/or hard training session most of you have to go to work, go do the shopping, take the children to school, so you never really just relax and let your body completely recover afterwards.

Well on a training camp you get that time to relax. You can go out and train as hard or as long as you want and do so knowing that after the session you can go back to your hotel room and relax, take a bath, sleep and let your body prepare itself ready for the next session.

During the week in Majorca the training will be organised so your schedule will be full. We generally look to get in at least two coached sessions per day and every session caters for ALL abilities.

It’s no secret that Majorca is renowned for its excellent cycling, with professional cycling teams heading out to the island at the beginning of each year. While rg:active are in Majorca on camp we get out on the bike most days to take advantage of this.

There is something for everyone when it comes to cycling in Majorca, from flat scenic lanes, iconic challenging climbs and winding descents. We do our best to provide a mix of all these rides, you might do a short flat ride one day for an easy day, then a long challenging ride with lots of climbing the next day!

With swimming, most days in either the sea or pool and a full and busy week of training, the coaches set the schedule for the week on the morning they arrive according to the weather forecast, aiming to fit in the long ride days when the weather is at its best.


Novice to Intermediate.


The Hotel: Our accommodation is in modern clean rooms with small kitchen facilities in each room. Buffet style breakfast and dinner are provided each morning and evening. The variety and options provided on the buffet are excellent, plenty of healthy eating options as well as comfort food options to help with recovery and to fuel your training.

Bike storage: The hotel has a secure bike storage room, ideally you should bring your own small padlock with you to lock you bike on its hanger each day, although in previous year the Hotel reception has provided one lock per room on request.

Bike rental: Bike rental is very easy in Majorca and the bikes are good quality and well set up for the island, it normally costs from around £130 for the week. Please let us know when booking if you would like to rent and we can share the details with you so you can arrange your bike rental.

Bike mechanic & shop: There is a small shop and mechanic in the bike storage room for the basics although it’s not always open. However, there are a number of bike shops in the area a short walk away if required.

Sea swimming: Takes place a short walk from the Hotel in a sheltered bay. Near to the swim start point of the Ironman 70.3 Majorca race that takes place each year.

Pool swimming: Again, just a short walk from the hotel we have private lanes booked for training in a heated 25m indoor swimming pool.


22 March – 29 March 2020


The town we base ourselves in is Alcudia, a town situated at the Northern end of the Island of Majorca 50km from the Capital’s International Airport in Palma.

Transfers are included in the camp price (provided you are arriving and departing on the scheduled days), we arrange for you and your luggage to be transferred from the airport to the hotel where you will be greeted by the coaches and the fun begins!


Throughout the week, you will take part in:

– Structured swim sessions and coaching in both the pool and open water environment

– Video swim analysis with 1-2-1 feedback on your swimming

– Structured run sessions

– Brick training (short bike & run repetitions) and transition coaching

– Strength, conditioning and mobility session

– Group cycle rides most days of varying distance and difficulty depending on the focus for the day, with plenty of advice on technique from climbing, descending, gearing, cadence and more

– Long ride days have vehicle support, to carry extra nutrition, clothing or if you need to you can take a short break and re-join the ride

– Plenty of opportunity to ask coaches training and nutrition questions throughout the week

– While the training sessions will be challenging we also like to keep a relaxed atmosphere and do our best to make sure the sessions are fun as well


2020 Pricing TBC