There are different ways of improving your running speed and strength. They all use the principle of overload, rest and adaptation.

This is commonly known as ‘interval training’, when you run for a specific distance or specific period of time. More than likely you will do this more than once and several intervals are referred to as repetitions. After each running interval a specified recovery time is taken. When a group of intervals are run, with a specified recovery between each, this is called a ‘set’. The speed at which you run each interval is referred to as the ‘tempo’ or ‘pace’.

All of the sessions will be structured and will cater for ALL abilities. Each session will ask different things from you, you will be asked to work on your own as well as with other athletes. We will keep you thinking and asking your body to adapt constantly which is where you will see the improvements.

The sessions will be tough for those of you who have never run a structured session before, but the emphasis will be on ‘LEARNING’ and ‘FUN’ as much as it will be on training hard.


This event is open to all abilities.


The address details for your Sat Nav are Thames Young Mariners, Ham Fields, Riverside Drive, Richmond, TW10 7RX, UK

The closest train stations are Teddington and Richmond.


Monday 7.30pm
Weekly – October to April


60min session