Cycling can be a discipline that many people tend to do solo, however this could be a reason why you may not reach your full potential. Riding with other cyclists and especially more experienced cyclists can improve your performance and training experience to new levels.

rg:active are proud to offer you the chance to participate in our group training rides that will be organised right through the Autumn/Winter periods and when possible during the summer months in SW London/Surrey areas.

These rides are designed to offer you:

– Safe and led routes that will return you back to the start without use of maps, mobiles and taxis.

– While this is not a ‘coached’ you can feel free to ask our coaches for training and advice while out on the ride.

And a fun, friendly and relaxed environment to train with other people without things becoming a race or without the risk of getting left behind somewhere in a country lane, we start as a group, we finish as a group.


This event is open to all abilities.

The rides are about 70-90km in duration, please contact us on if you have any questions about joining the ride.


The equipment you will require to participate in the session is:

BIKE – You will need to have a road worthy bike, constant mechanical stops while out riding for a bike that needs a little TLC can be frustrating for other riders.

HELMET – No helmet no ride.

KIT – Please make sure you have suitable kit for the conditions, it can be a long ride if you are cold and wet.

NUTRITION – Please carry water and/or a sports energy drink with you, as well as a snack bar and/or energy gels. Some rides we do do a cafe’ stop for a chance to refuel but not all, so do come prepared.

CASH – Please carry a small amount of cash or your debit card with you as you may want to buy food or drink on a cafe stop.

MOBILE PHONE: It’s always a good idea to carry your mobile phone (in water proof pouch or plastic bag).




The meeting point is the entrance gates to Thames Young Mariners, Ham Fields, Riverside Drive, Richmond, TW10 7RX, UK


8am Sunday Mornings – there are one or two rides each month, please check our online booking system for dates and availability.



The group rides are not a coached session and are free to join.

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