For some people the transition is a time to rest and make yourself comfortable so the next sport will be as easy.

Have you ever looked through the result after a race you completed and wondered how the times of people’s transition times are 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 40 seconds and then looked at your own and it reads ’3 minutes’?

Have you entered the London Duathlon or any other multisport event and you want to experience running off the bike, and what the commonly known ‘jelly legs’ feels like without having to find out the hard way on race day?

Or are you one of those people at the top of the results sheets and you are looking to shave off a handful of seconds because it could mean the difference between 11th and a top 10 position, if only you could master having your bike shoes already on the bike in T1?

Whatever your reason for wanting to know more about transition training, we are able to offer you as much or as little advice as you require to make your duathlon or triathlon experience a little easier, faster and enjoyable.

So what is the ‘transition’?

Transitions are the period of time between each of the three disciplines where you change the necessary equipment to get on with the next section of the event. For some people the transition is a time to rest and make yourself comfortable so the next sport will be as easy as possible, for others it is ‘the 4th discipline’ and it’s all about how quickly you can get in and out saving as much time overall as possible.


This event is open to all abilities.


The sessions are held in the stunning Richmond Park, and the transition area is at Robin Hood Gate

TW10 5HS – This is the general post code for the park, your directions will vary depending on which gate you enter the park from – The Robin Hood Gate entrance is a pedestrian entrance only.

Where is Robin Hood Gate car park?

If you enter Richmond Park through Richmond Gate, Sheen Gate or Roehampton Gate, you will need to turn LEFT and follow the road in the park round to small roundabout roughly 1 mile after Roehampton Gate. The car park is on your left hand side and there is a pedestrian only gate and toilet block all in the vicinity.

If you enter Richmond Park through Kingston Gate, you will need to turn RIGHT and follow the road until you drop down a short, sharp hill (Challenge Hill). After about 1km after the descent you will arrive at a small roundabout and see the transition area on your left. The car park is immediately after the roundabout on your right hand side.


Sunday 8am
Once a month – October to April

Over the winter months there is a brick session every second Sunday at 8am

During the lighter summer months there is a brick session at 7pm on Wednesday evenings.

IMPORTANT SESSION NOTE: If you are joining us for one of the Wednesday evening sessions please remember to park outside of the park gates (preferably Roehampton Gate) and ride your bike down to Robin Hood gate car park where the session takes place. This is because the sessions will sometime run close to, or over the time the park gates close.

Check our online booking system for availability at our next session.


60-90min session