RACE REPORT – Royal Windsor Triathlon (Olympic Distance)


Over the next few days I will posting a number of race reports that have been kindly sent to us from members of the RG Active Race Team and RG Active Clients on their travels.

The Race Reports follow exactly the same structure with a simple set of questions devised by us to hopefully cover all those important questions that you have when looking to do races in 2011.

If you would like to add a Race report to the list and want us to send you to form to keep on file and fill out after each of your events please drop us an email at info@rgactive.com.

This Race Report has been in from Deon who is an RG Active Client and regular attendee of the Open Water Swim sessions at Ham Lake and the Richmond Park Brick Sessions. Deon is currently training for the UK Half Ironman so this Royal Windsor triathlon was part of his preparation for that. We also saw Deon at The Blenheim Palace Triathlon at the beginning of June so he has been busy this month!

Deon raced the Olympic distance event at Windsor this year but the RG Active Race Team had a number of athletes competing and flying the Team colours in both the Olympic distance and Sprint distance races. (Results are at the bottom of the page).

Name of the Event?

Windsor Triathlon

Where is the event?

Windsor / Eton

Travel time from London? (hrs)

35-40min from Kingston

Distances of the Event?

Swim – 1500m

Bike – 42km

Run – 10km

What was the weather like on the day?

(Feel free to choose more than one option)

Dry / Sunny

Where there other distances available?

Yes – Sprint – 750/20/5

Did it require an overnight stay?


What was the entry cost of the event? (£)

£80? Can’t remember exactly but wasn’t cheap.

Was the Event well organised?


Could you register for the Event Online?


Was there plenty of car parking?

Yes – but £10 for the weekend

Was the bike course well marshalled?


How would you describe the road quality on the bike section of the Event?


Was the run course well marshalled?


In a few words describe the Swim Section?

This was my 1st 1500m swim in a race and I went out easy. Found it relatively enjoyable and didn’t feel the current (which I had heard so much about from competitors from previous years) affected the swim at all. The route is a swim upstream 900m, followed by a turn and swim down stream 600m. The exit is a little hidden behind an island but as I wasn’t leading the pack I just sat on the feet of someone slightly faster than me and followed him in – no problem. This I know can be risky but on this occasion paid off. Swim time just over 27ishmin, but my pod beeped off at 28,5min as I took most of my wetsuit off before heading back to T1 (it’s about a 400m run, so thought I would get the suit of while still lots of water in it).

In a few words describe the Bike Section?

Loved the bike course. It’s a bit of a circle loop with an added out and loop back section in the middle to make up the 42km distance. The roads were in great condition and lots of opportunity to tuck into the aero position and put the hammer down. Could have probably gone even faster if I had recced the route beforehand as some of the hills & turns came as a surprise / inopportune times for me (but my own fault for not researching this enough). Generally not many hills or great ride elevation to talk about. I was also holding back a little as I had Ironman UK 70.3 the following week so wanted some juice left in the legs for that. I would say someone who has a strong bike background could probably smash this race in the bike section and build some good distance between some other competitors if they want.

In a few words describe the Run Section?

The run is a 3 loop affair, with only 1 short hill up towards the castle to really talk of. As the race goes off in so many waves this is the area that gets the most congested by 9-10am (I started my race at 7:25am). If running is your strength you will need to use the hill (which you go up 3 times) to put some distance between you and your competitors as otherwise most of the remaining route is flat and fast. The spectators and atmosphere really do come into their own on the run course with hundreds of people lining the pavements and shouting for their loved ones and club / team mates. It’s also televised so chances of getting a second or two of fame are pretty good if you time your smile right!

How would you describe the difficulty of the Event?


How would you rate the Event Atmosphere?


Did the Event have Race photographers?

Yes – £38 for all your photos (I had 16) or £11 singles.

How you rate the Event for Spectators?

Excellent – but be warned it’s an early start.

Did you get a Race T-Shirt?

Yes to t-shirt, but no medal..

What was the goodie bag like?

No goody bag, which is a bit poor for such a big race. Nice expo at registration.

In a few of your own words sum the Event you attended?

Great race, with brilliant conditions to get a good time. The spectators make it and although pricey to do the race, it’s an event all UK triathletes should try and do at least once.

Would you do the race again?


What would give you the Event out of 10?


Look out for the next Race Report and please feel free to add comments and opinions about these events if you are considering doing them, have done them, or want to ask any questions?

Below are the results that I have found or those people have sent to me since the Royal Windsor Triathlon. If you would like to see your name and results on the RG Active Race Reports remember to enter the race under ‘RG Active Race Team’ or send me your results after the event via email.

OverallEvent distanceAthleteCategorySwimT1CycleT2RunFinish
181OlympicJosh Roberts25-2900:25:5400:01:5901:10:1600:01:1300:45:1502:24:37
241OlympicNick De Meyer35-3900:31:0900:01:1101:10:3100:01:0000:42:5302:26:44
260OlympicBrendan Fahy45-4900:30:3000:01:2301:09:4600:01:1200:44:4602:27:37
321OlympicKieran Ellerton30-3400:28:5100:02:3501:10:4800:01:0600:46:3102:29:52
390OlympicRichard Wild25-2900:28:1000:01:2001:11:2500:01:1500:50:1002:32:20
869OlympicHannah Neal30-3400:29:1500:02:2601:16:3200:01:5500:56:1402:46:22
1307OlympicKelly McLain25-2900:35:4400:02:5201:25:4500:03:2001:00:0403:07:45
117SprintSarah Bowen30-3400:17:1700:02:1400:58:1200:01:3400:27:3001:46:47
234OlympicDeon Scheppel30-3400:28:2700:01:5201:09:3800:01:3100:45:0802:26:36
306SprintVince O’Brien50-5400:26::0200:03:0001:18:4300:01:4500:34:3002:24:00

Stay Fit, Stay Healthy and Stay Happy!



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