RG Active announce three NEW partnerships – No. 1

Gaerne cycling shoes – Road, Off-Road and Triathlon shoes

RG Active are very excited to have Gaerne on board as sponsor in 2012 and I was very fortunate to get my hands on a couple of pairs and have spent the last few weeks racing and training in them so I thought now was a good time to write a blog and tell you what I thought.

Lots of shoes to chose from…

I first got my hands on the ‘bling’ Carbon G.Air road shoes. These are the top of the range road shoes and are possibly the most comfortable shoes I have ever had on my feet, and I have had a lot of shoes! #KitJunkie

These are their top of the range Carbon G.Air road shoes that I am lucky enough to be using this year.

The shoes are not what I would normally choose because if the fastening system. I usually only have velcro straps because of my mis-shaped feet, but after trying them on in my local bike shop (Pearson’s Cycles) I was pleasantly surprised and have never looked back.

They have the most amazing in-sole and feel like running shoes whilst being incredibly stiff which is what you would expect from a ‘all-singing’ road shoe, but usually this means discomfort!

They are expensive but if you look after your bike shoes you should get 2-3 years from bike shoes and this can often justify paying the £269.99 price tag. Good bike shoes are always worth an investment, and when running shoes are £90-£100 and you get through 1-3 pairs per year, bike shoes all of a sudden aren’t that bad value.

The other pair of Gaerne shoes I got my hands on were the Carbon G.Kona.

These are the triathlon specific shoe that Gaerne make and the shoes are available with and without the carbon sole bringing them in at two price points.

Non carbon sole – £109.99

Carbon sole – 169.99

Carbon soles are always nice because the carbon makes the shoe stiffer allowing all of your effort when pedal can be transferred through the shoes, pedals and into speed and power. A show with a non-carbon sole will flex more and the more flex the more power will be lost per pedal stroke. But, saying that both models of the Kona shoe are very stiff and I would challenge anyone to notice the difference.

The Carbon G.Kona Triathlon shoes are also available without the carbon at a more wallet friendly price.

The features of the Kona shoe include:

– Single main velcro strap for ease on & off in transition

– A velcro strap at the top box to make sure the width in the toes is perfect

– Tab at the rear of the shoe to help get on and off your feet

– Solid heel cup to protect when hanging off your bike during transition phases

– Very well vented to help your feet dry and breath after the swim

– Seamless so you won’t rub when sock less

I have now raced and trained in these shoes for a few months and “Love them”!

Not a huge amount to say other than, if you are looking for a functional, high performance, good value, pretty triathlon shoe for racing this season…… look no further!

Gaerne have a great range of products available in the UK. Hotlines, who also distribute brands such as Manitou, Hayes and Michelin, have signed an exclusive agreement with the Italian firm.

Gaerne’s shoes are made by hand at their factory in Coste di Maser, in the province of Treviso, near Venice.

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There are 17 models to choose from, covering road cycling, cross-country mountain biking and freeriding.

Founded in 1962, Gaerne originally specialized in alpine footwear. They then expanded into motorbike boots and cycling shoes.

Their top pro rider was for a long time Cadel Evans, the Australian former mountain bike champion who came second in the Tour de France in 2007 and 2008 and won in 2011.

A spokesman said: “Gaerne have always sought the collaboration of great champions for R&D, combining know-how and the most advanced technology and materials with the workmanship and tradition of expert craftsmen.”

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