RG Active join forces with Wattbike in 2012!

Hello Everyone,

Recently RG Active took delivery of our new Wattbike.

The Wattbike is possibly one of the most exciting and useful pieces of cycling equipment on the market and endorsed by British Cycling and used by a large number of the World’s best cyclists we don’t really need to say anything else.

Recently RG Active coaches John and Marsha travelled to the Wattbike science lab for a day of advanced training to learn how the science can be used to help all of the RG Active client base that are looking to improve their cycling strength, speed and efficiency. After the visit Wattbike pieced together a blog about RG Active’s visit and we thought it would be a great idea to share it with you all.

Here is the Blog entry by Wattbike that they published on their website recently, so if you haven’t already enjoyed it……..

It was a pleasure to have John Brame and Marsha El Hage of RG Active coaching up to the Wattbike Science Lab recently, they’d made the trip up from London to understand how they could deliver an even better training experience for their clients, through using the Wattbike. With a very impressive background in competition and coaching, the RG Active setup offers a range of services from group coaching through to fitness testing and online 1-2-1 remote coaching. They also organise a number of Training Races and are official training providers/sponsors to some of the UK’s leading events including the RG Active Winter Ballbuster and the London Duathlon!

Our Sport Scientist, Eddie, went through the basics of the Wattbike and took John and Marsha through the how to set the Wattbike up, the Polar View and getting the most from the Expert Software. Eddie also ran through some cadence-based sessions just to ensure they walked away with a bit of a sweat!

It’s fair to say that judging by comments made by both John, Marsha and their clients on Twitter, the Wattbike has been very well received!

Take a look at the video below to hear John talk about RG Active, his thoughts on the Wattbike and how his clients will benefit from training on the machine.

Thank you for reading and if there is anything you would like to know about <a href="Wattbike“>Wattbike and the sessions/services RG Active can offer using this amazing piece of equipment please email us at: info@rgactive.com.

Yours in Sport, RG Active

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