RG Active Race Team RESULTS and the Tour de France 2010

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I wanted to write this Blog entry today after an amazing weekend with numerous members of the RG Active Race Team achieving such great things over the last weekend, RG Active are extremely happy to be associated with the Race Team and all of it’s athletes and are very pleased to share everyone’s achievements with you all reading this Blog.

RG Active Race Team Results Friday 2nd July to Sunday 4th July 2010.

Marketing Industry Triathlon – Friday 2nd July 2010 – SuperSprint – 400m Swim / 10km Bike / 2.5km Run

Peter Gilbert 3rd Swim 10:33 T1 02:00 Bike 18:02 T2 00:54 Run 11:34 Total 00:42:43

Marketing Industry Triathlon – Friday 2nd July 2010 – Sprint – 750m Swim / 20km Bike / 5km Run

John Brame 1st Swim 11:47 T1 00:45 Bike 32:25 T2 00:35 Run 19:36 Total 01:05:10

Marsha El-Hage 14th Swim 14:54 T1 01:41 Bike 36:16 T2 00:53 Run 24:25 Total 01:18:11

(Marsha was 2nd Female)

Polly Rogers 33rd Swim 19:18 T1 01:45 Bike 41:35 T2 01:04 Run 20:51 Total 01:24:34

Marketing Industry Triathlon – Friday 2nd July 2010 – Olympic – 1500m Swim / 40km Bike / 10km Run

Paul Barlow 11th Swim 28:22 T1 01:30 Bike 01:15::25 T2 01:06 Run 43:10 Total 02:29:35

Cowman Triathlon – Sunday 4th July 2010 – Half Ironman – 1900m Swim / 92km Bike / 21km Run

Grant Harris 46th Swim 36:24 T1 01:13 Bike 02:42::44 T2 01:05 Run 01:39:22 Total 05:00:48

Alan Ginn 51st Swim 40:49 T1 03:05 Bike 02:48::11 T2 01:52 Run 01:29:11 Total 05:03:08

Simon Trehearn 227th Swim 35:35 T1 02:49 Bike 03:09::51 T2 01:46 Run 01:58:05 Total 05:50:59

Gail Edmans 292th Swim 36:56 T1 02:24 Bike 03:13:06 T2 01:38 Run 02:16:09 Total 06:10:13

Shock Absorber Women’s Triathlon – Saturday 3rd July 2010 – SuperSprint – 200m Swim / 5km Bike / 2.5km Run

Sue Chambers 3rd Swim 05:39 T1 02:26 Bike 12:15 T2 01:08 Run 15:09 Total 00:36:40

(Sue’s First Triathlon)

Shock Absorber Women’s Triathlon – Saturday 3rd July 2010 – Sprint – 400m Swim / 20km Bike / 5km Run

Victoria Abberton 16th Swim 08:08 T1 01:28 Bike 38:00 T2 01:06 Run 25:50 Total 01:14:35

Siobahn Eliot 134th Swim 09:23 T1 01:30 Bike 41:50 T2 01:21 Run 29:21 Total 01:23:27

Shock Absorber Women’s Triathlon – Saturday 3rd July 2010 – Challenge – 800m Swim / 30km Bike / 7.5km Run

Heike Godwin 10th Swim 20:39 T1 01:14 Bike 52:31 T2 00:53 Run 35:52 Total 01:51:12

Hannah Neal 24th Swim 15:58 T1 01:29 Bike 55:43 T2 01:21 Run 40:21 Total 01:54:54

Steelman Triathlon – Sunday 4th July 2010 – Olympic – 1500m Swim / 40km Bike / 10km Run

Karin Brameld 310th Swim 40:20 T1 02:32 Bike 01:22:32 T2 01:20 Run 49:50 Total 02:56:08

Ramsey Conyers 140th Swim 36:19 T1 01:30 Bike 01:14:50 T2 00:46 Run 44:47 Total 02:38:14

Bournemouth Triathlon – Sunday 4th July 2010 – Olympic – 1500m Swim / 40km Bike / 10km Run

Nik Kidd 116th Swim 31:52 T1 01:16 Bike 01:11:26 T2 40:33 Run 51:02 Total 02:36:18

Marmotte Cyclo-Sportif

Jamie Chisolm along with a group of friends completed the gruelling Marmotte Sportif that they completed in an incredible 5-5.5 hours. The ride took in some of the toughest climbs the French Alps has to offer and Jamie had trained hard for the event.

With lessons learnt and the event now over we can only look forward to reading Jamie’s Race Report from his adventure in the Alps soon!

London Youth Games 2010 – Crystal Palace, London

The RG Active Race Team had a strong presence at the London Youth games last weekend with our very own Debbie Batchelor leading her Team to yet another overall WIN. Her team consisted of three RG Active Race Team members and all three won individual titles at the Games.

The RG Active ‘Arrows‘ is going from strength to strength and with Debbie’s guidance is looking to be a real force in 2011 and beyond. For more information about the Junior ‘Arrows’ Team please CLICK HERE.


On a different note, many of you will have noticed that the famous Tour de France has begun, and if you have any remote interest in riding a bicycle you will have fixed to the TV (like myself) watching the crazy first few stages of the Tour.

Lance Armstrong (who everyone knows) has announced that this will be his LAST attempt to win his 8th Tour de France and with the likes of Alberto Contador and Britain’s Bradley Wiggins out to win themselves it is looking to be a great 3 week tour this year.

The reason I wanted to talk about the Tour de France is because as Triathletes we can all learn a lot from watching these riders. All of the riders competing in the Tour de France are the best in the World at what they do, 190+ of the best bike handlers, descenders, climbers and sprinters in the World and just watching them on TV can teach you so much about numerous areas of cycling.

Things to look for when watching the Tour de France:

– Bike positions and set up:

All of the riders will be set up in a position that is perfect for them, but they will all have nice flat backs and none of them will have seats too high causing them to over reach for the pedals. Their riding positions will vary depending on the speed of the peloton and the terrain and these are all things that you should take note of. Look how they are riding when they are climbing, where their hands are, how relaxed they are in their shoulders and how bent their arms are.

– Bike handling:

These riders are riding 2/3 inches from each others wheels and you will see them watching each other, as well as the road ahead, you will see them always covering their brakes and their cadence will be high making sure the bike will do exactly what they require it to do should anything happen in the bunch ahead or behind them. Watch how they corner, where their hands are, what their legs do, when they start and stop pedalling through corners……

Triathletes have a bad name amongst cyclists because they are thought of a big churners that get on their tri-bars every time the road go straight and/or down hill. By doing something as simple as watching the TV over the next three weeks you will be amazed how much you can learn, and who better to learn from than the best in the World?

As many of you will know I have ridden at a reasonable level as a cyclist spending time in Italy on a Italian based Professional Team. I am always happy to help answer any questions about cycling and/or about the Tour, maybe you have watched a stage and didn’t understand something?

Drop me an email and I will help you, maybe a 1-2-1 cycling session with an RG Active Coach will help you. Riding a bike is one of the best outdoor sports you can do and RG Active are here to help make it even better!

Right, I am off to watch stage 3 now. There are numerous cobbled sections in today’s stage so it could be very interesting after the mess of yesterday’s stage.

I look forward to hearing from you soon,



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