RG Active Tri Camp Majorca 2018

A good training camp is just like a good dinner party, with the right mix of people it is bound to be a success and last weeks triathlon camp in Majorca definitely fit the bill.

The week started out with 2 days of rain and cold weather so not ideal when you need to be outside. However we were able to get bikes built, video analysis in the pool, a nutrition talk, a strength and conditioning session and a few days of gently introducing everyone to the island with no guilt that the sun wasn’t shining.

Now if you have never been on a training camp before it is a week of simply feeling like you’re a professional athlete. All that is required of you is to train hard, eat well and sleep. How difficult can that be right??

Monday started with the glorious sunshine and luckily we had it all week thereafter! We decided to head towards one of the more popular climbs on the island The Orient, but only after a morning pool session to wake everyone up with coaches Emma, Phil and Dan.

By the end of the day we had many firsts, Carla had her first go with cleats, Anthony had his first go climbing and descending a proper big ass mountain and coach Richie had his first most embarrassing crash ever! A day of firsts all around!

As the week progressed we were able to get time in the sea, in our wetsuits of course, then a morning on the track where the 2012 Triathlon Olympic Gold medalist Nicola Spirig happened to be training as well. She definitely made even our quickest runners look like they were running in slow motion. You go girl!!  The weather was to be the best on Wednesday so that would be our longest and most difficult ride up to the iconic mountain of Sa Callobra.

Sa Callobra never disappoints. It is a steep and windy 10k decent down to a dead turn, and at the end one of the most beautiful bays ever! The ascent back up is tough with an average of 7% gradient which is fabulous on the legs and lungs and every so often great spot for celebrity spotting.

The week ended with our popular brick session based in the pretty seaside town of Pollenca. All the athletes rode and ran just over 2k and repeated that 4x just to see what the triathlon term ‘jelly legs’ really meant and no it wasn’t code for dessert.

Finally, a great evening out on the last night with everyone in our favourite Pizza Restaurant ‘Don Vitos’ in Alcudia, where all the tired bodies could finally relax and enjoy what they had accomplished throughout the week.

On every training camp there is a mix of abilities, ages and strengths in the different disciplines and as a coach, it can be challenging at best to manage it well. So a special mention goes out to ALL of our clients on this year’s triathlon camp. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE was supportive, focused, friendly and an absolute delight to train with. This year’s camp was definitely the dinner party to be at!

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