RG Active’s Wattbike, one year on……….

Last year I was lucky enough to spend some time with the team at Wattbike to learn more about the benefits of training on the Wattbike and how it compares to other indoor bikes.

I was blown away with the great feel of the Wattbike first and foremost. It really does feel like riding a real bike. The data you can get from the Wattbike is incredibly accurate and far more reliable than any turbo or indoor training bike. The feedback from the on board computer is amazing. I was hooked on watching the Polar View which shows pedalling technique. This allows riders to smooth out their pedal stroke and be more efficient which is great for triathletes when it comes to the run. Having better pedalling technique means using less energy during the cycle leg of a triathlon leaving you fresher for the run.

I now use the Wattbike for coaching and testing sessions with my athletes and we are getting some great results.

If you want to watch my video I did with Wattbike it’s on the Wattbike blog. To find out more about Wattbike and how you can get a 10% discount off the cost of owning your own, visit the website.

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