A trip to Paris, for me, is always going to be exciting, but throw in a  trip to Disneyland as well and now it becomes magical. This was the 3rd time John and I have competed in the Run Disney  Weekend and each time seems to get more fun than the last.

Run Disney Weekend begins for us by taking the Eurostar over on Friday morning, which is always a treat. We then check into our hotel before picking up race packs and sorting out costumes. It is a total Fri-YAY feeling as of course it is Disneyland your in.

The 5k starts that night at 8pm and runs through the park which is super fun albeit a bit dark and spooky. Our costume choice this year was of course a superhero theme…Avengers Endgame. I chose Captain Marvel cause I love a jumpsuit, John was the Spiderman with the muscles, Carla was The Wasp and Vicki’s costume was Black Widow….yep another fab jumpsuit but a sexy one. 

The 10k is an early start the next morning so watching the sunrise while awaiting the gun is worth getting up for. There are around 9000 competitors each day mostly in fancy dress, you feel like the sky is the limit with your costume choice. However choosing a costume which is comfortable enough to run in is always tricky. Both the 5 and 10k are not timed so there is no pressure other than how many characters you can see and how many selfies in front of the Magic Castle you take without looking a bit narcissistic.

The last day is the big one though… the half marathon! After the 5 and 10k safe to say legs can feel a bit tired but this is where the challenge comes in…right??!! We themed this run Tiaras and Tutus, maybe not the most creative but 21k is a long way to run especially if you are not comfortable and who isn’t comfy in a tutu.?!

By the end of it all everyone was over the moon at completing it. John even ran an extra bit to meet Carla, Vicki and I at 16k then ran the rest of the way in with us. Honestly….how loving is he!! No one seemed to mind what time they did and everyone had a massive smile on their face at the end as we crossed the line together.

Will I go back next year…without a doubt! Although next year my challenge is not the running but choosing a costume which beats the previous 3 years and finding space in my house for the insane medals!

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