Swim, Bike, Ski???? Triathlon Training in 2010

Hello everyone,

Can I first say ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR’ to everyone….

I hope this BLOG finds everyone well and ready to start 2010 fresh after some time off? I am assuming most of you have had some time off, because unless you have been out of the country or hibernating some where you will have been getting increasingly frustrated by the SNOW we have had across the UK.

The Turbo has seen more use in the last few weeks than it did in the whole of 2009 and we are still in January. The snow was a novalty initially, the Mrs and I built an igloo and was 5 years old again for a few hours and Dermott built a RG Active snow man with his daughter. but once the second and third day of freezing cold and icy roads I was hoping for it to warm up and melt!

I wanted to write this today because I am already hearing stories about races being FULL and wanted to give you all a hurry up!

The race season in the UK is limited to a few months during the summer and because of the growth of the sport races are getting full very quickly due to people wanting to plan their years early to book time off work and make sure they get into the races they really want to do.

The races that I would suggest checking out ASAP are:

Royal Windsor Triathlon (if it is not already full?)

Eton Super Sprints Traithlon

The Blenhiem Triathlon

The London Triathlon

I also have heard that a number of the Cyclo Sportifs are filling up quickly so whatever events you have pencilled in for this Summer, get onto the internet and get registered because you don’t want to have to be disappointed.

On a similar theme, the RG Active Majorca Training Camp has only 4 (FOUR) places available for this March. The Camp was a huge success last year and unlike many Camps we limit the numbers making sure everyone gets plenty of 1-2-1 time with one of the four coaches that attend the camp. If you would like more information on the Training Camp please visit the RG Active website.

I am currently uploading ALL the information onto the NEW RG Active Race Team website.

Here is a brief description of what the Race Team is and what we are aiming to do:

This Team is for EVERYONE and ANYONE wanting to join us and be part of something we hope will become one of the best supported, friendly, fun Teams in the country whether you are brand new to Sport or a yearly, hardened competitor.

With access to the RG Active Coaching Company, it’s coaching team, events, and all the members and volunteers we already have on board, we will be able to offer YOU lots to keep you fit, enthusiastic and flying!

The Team is slightly different from others in the UK. We are starting with two regions, SW LONDON/SURREY and EAST LONDON/ESSEX and we will be adding to the regional Teams in the future offering our great Team structure to anyone that wants to be part of the UK’s newest Race Team!

Finally, I wanted to tell everyone about our NEW Company sponsor: www.vcars.co.uk

We are very proud to welcome V Cars to the RG Active Family. V Cars will be supporting RG Active throughout the 2010 season and will also be the title sponsor of the RG Active Race Team in 2010 so make sure you keep your eyes out for the V Cars Sponsored Race Team in 2010.

Well I am off to carry on with the website and uploading of information onto the new websites… the RG Active Training sessions all start again next month with the popular Brick/Transition sessions in SW London and in East London/Essex, and Kayaking in SW London, so check out these links and the RG Active website!

Happy New Year and see you all very soon!


P.S. The Motor Racing season is starting all over again soon and I will glued to the TV again this summer hoping for more of the same from 2009. Keep your eyes open for these two as well in 2010……. they are good friends of RG Active!

RG Active Sponsors- 700 Sports

RG Active Sponsors- 700 Sports

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