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RG Active offer ONLINE BOOKING for 2013

Getting started with RG Active’s teamup booking software….

teamup is an online platform for fitness providers that allows them to manage schedules, bookings, payments and customer information. This article provides a basic overview of the main components of the teamup software.

The Triathlon World Champs Auckland 2013

My once in a life time trip to New Zealand with John and Carole was truly an amazing adventure! Apart from the english-like weather that consumed us the entire time we were there, it was a fantastic trip. We arrived on the only sunny day out of the two weeks, how unfair is that?? And even when it did brighten up for a few fleeting minutes, the wind and rain were still ever present making cycling ridiculously treacherous even for the most competent rider. But enough about the weather, lets talk World Champs!

Gis a job, Bitch!

PR is about educating, influencing and persuading – both verbally and in writing. Therefore being able to construct a grammatically correct sentence with words that are spelt correctly and properly punctuated is fundamental. The easiest way to deal with this is to use Spellcheck and always get someone to check your work.

The Power of Social Networking in Effecting Communication

Yesterday morning I went for my usual Thursday morning swim (two on a Thursday; one at 7am, the other at 9pm!) and as I was being driven by my swim buddy I caught up with my twitter friends. The hot debate of the morning was the quality of wetsuits – very important for open water swimming if you’re a triathlete.

1st Race of the Season for the ‘Arrows’

The emphasis is on ‘FUN’ but that doesn’t mean we aren’t competitive and this weekend saw a number of our athletes compete at the Tri Sport Epping Aquathlon event.