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Training on emotions…..

Over the last couple of months, and in particular the last few weeks, I have found myself spending more time thinking about and talking with athletes about how the physical efforts of an athlete only make up part of performance. While we spend many hours trying to achieve the best physical results and even looking at spending money in the search of speed, how long do we spend focusing on maybe the strongest of the bodies engines….. the mind.

The Wildman Duathlon 2012

The runners started off at 10am, then the duathletes next at 10:15. The first 10k run was actually quite pleasant. It was a rolling course through woods, across fields and along a high ridge where the rain seemed to hit us the hardest. I ran steady but happy, very happy to be running again on my ankle which I unfortunately sprained badly several weeks ago (this is the thus yet calmest manner in which I’ve spoken about it – see earlier posts for more ranting).

What to wear for winter training/racing

The rise in popularity of winter multi-sport racing is bringing cold weather cycling and running to a whole new audience. Dressing properly for winter training and racing is a skill that can make your sessions more comfortable whatever the weather. Ironically, the recent RG Active Ballbuster duathlon brought in to sharp focus just how easy it is for even the most experienced athlete to get their winter kit selection so absolutely, completely and utterly wrong!

How to get INJURED this Winter…. READ THIS!


Yes thats right, How to Get Injured is the title which hopefully has caught your attention. Injury Prevention just didnt seem to be as attention grabbing.

These are my 10 top tips to help you successfully injure yourself this off-season.

Winter Training, Base miles and Preparation for 2011

If you have had a busy summer of racing now should be a time of REST and RECOVERY. I will always recommend athletes having at least TWO WEEKS OFF after their last race of the summer season. Triathletes especially, have a hard time slowing down and having time off, but you benefit hugely from some time off before you begin the long winter BASE MILES that start the PREPARATION for next season.

RG Active Sports Coaching and Training – Triathlon Training and Racing

I am sure many of you have races coming up in the next few weeks………..

So make sure you check out the RG Active website for all the sessions and events that we are running in 2010 to keep you all sharp, motivated and enjoying every single second that you are training and racing the sport that we all love….TRIATHLON!

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