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Ironman Switzerland from the eyes of an RG Active trained athlete

The following report was written by Dave Sandford, an athlete that has used RG Active to help him in his 2 Ironman races. This summer he tackled Switzerland. I hope you enjoy reading about his experience. “This was my 2nd Ironman and after last years New Zealand Ironman I had a little bit more experience, […]

RG Active Athletes go IRONMAN crazy

Hello Everyone, We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate more RG Active athletes that have gone that bit further and completed IRONMAN races recently. It really is a huge achievement for anybody to put their bodies through this kind of punishment and to become an IRONMAN means you are one of a very […]

RG Active Success – Everyone’s Racing and qualifying and most importantly ENJOYING Triathlon!

Hello everyone, I have been really busy with different things and with the season in full swing and the London triathlon almost upon us, we are running swim sessions, brick sessions and doing lot sof 1-2-1 coaching to hopefully help you achieve your goals before the end of 2009. I am sat in front of […]