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Training on emotions…..

Over the last couple of months, and in particular the last few weeks, I have found myself spending more time thinking about and talking with athletes about how the physical efforts of an athlete only make up part of performance. While we spend many hours trying to achieve the best physical results and even looking at spending money in the search of speed, how long do we spend focusing on maybe the strongest of the bodies engines….. the mind.

RG Active Race Team’s Karen and first Ironman – Austria 2011 Race Report

I had hardly slept a wink but when my three alarm clocks went off simultaneously I shot out of bed like my life depended on it. My Ironman day had begun!

Majorca Ironman 70.3 – Race Report

We were picked up at 06:30am from the Hotel by RG Active Majorca based friend Harry picked us up to take us to Alcudia where the race was taking place. The day was looking good, the weather was calm and still and there was not a ripple on the water as we drove from Pollensa to Alcudia along the coast road.

The day before the Majorca 70.3 Ironman…..

Yes, I am nervous…… I always get nervous.

I get nervous before the Richmond Park 5km races and I am definitely nervous about tomorrow. But don’t think this is a bad thing to get nervous, I think of it as a very positive thing.

Post Race Recovery – How much time off should I have?

There are probably a number of opinions on this subject as I am sure different coaches have different thoughts and ways of structuring their athletes training and racing schedules. The following thoughts are my personal thoughts and the way that I approach rest and recovery after races.

John’s basic calculation for working out how much time off to have after a race:

Ironman South Africa 2011…… Loved it!

I wanted to write this because I have had the most fantastic week here in South Africa. At this precise moment I am sitting at my computer with my Mrs (@Marsha_RGA) taking a well deserved ‘power nap’ after completing yesterday’s Ironman South Africa.

The Hell of the Ashdown Sportive

Well this entry is about my first experience of British Sportive events. On Sunday I completed the 110km route of the ‘Hell of the Ashdown’ Spotive organised by Catford Cycle Club.

Nutrition and a very special supplement…….

Quite simply minerals are the spark plug of life. Every biochemical process in the body is driven by enzymes. Enzymes are catalysts – they accelerate chemical reactions so that they occur quicker; and enzymes NEED minerals to work.

– To absorb protein you need minerals

– To produce hormones you need minerals

– To convert food into energy you need minerals

– To build muscle you need minerals

If you want to train harder for longer, if you want to run faster and if you want to grow bigger you need minerals BUT be warned! – the quantity and type of minerals humans require is very specific.

RACE REPORT – Bala Triathlon (Middle Distance)

This Race Report is from Jamie, a member of the SW London/Surrey RG Active Race Team. This race is considered ‘Middle distance’ which is slightly different from what we now know as 70.3 or Half Ironman. This distance is great for anyone looking for a UK based race when training for Ironman or Half Ironman and set in a very pretty part of the country.