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How to get INJURED this Winter…. READ THIS!


Yes thats right, How to Get Injured is the title which hopefully has caught your attention. Injury Prevention just didnt seem to be as attention grabbing.

These are my 10 top tips to help you successfully injure yourself this off-season.

An injury free Winter’s training – Osteopathy & CORE STRENGTH

Core strengthening:

Core exercise programmes tend to focus on the trunk muscles ie deep spinal & abdominal muscles, however the gluteal or buttock muscles are just as important, particularly for runners.

An injury free Winter’s training – Osteopathy & POSTURE

Many of you will have had your places for the 2011 London Marathon confirmed this week, so roughly 23 weeks to train your bodies to cope with 26.2 miles on the road. Posture: It is important that we look after our whole body posture and look at our daily activities and see how they may contribute to poor posture.