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RG Active announce three NEW partnerships – No. 1

I first got my hands on the ‘bling’ Carbon G.Air road shoes. These are the top of the range road shoes and are possibly the most comfortable shoes I have ever had on my feet, and I have had a lot of shoes! #KitJunkie

Group Training……

A group of like-minded athletes will provide you with a supportive, competitive, fun and motivating environment which will make you want to keep turning up whatever the conditions are like outside.

Swim, Bike, Ski???? Triathlon Training in 2010

I hope this BLOG finds everyone well and ready to start 2010 fresh after some time off? I am assuming most of you have had some time off, because unless you have been out of the country or hibernating some where you will have been getting increasingly frustrated by the SNOW we have had across the UK.

Post Lanzarote Ironman, The day after the day after!

Hello everyone, “I am an Ironman!” As many of you saw from the ironman.com website where you were following Marsha and my progress on race day, we both crossed the line on Saturday evening. Marsha completing her second Ironman and me completing my first! I did think about writing this yesterday but it would not […]

Testimonials from Customers!

Hello Everyone, I just wanted to write a quick post with another Testimonial from a RG Active Customer. This Testimonial dates back to last summer when I held a training session/workshop for a handful of customers working on Transition training and getting the ‘Fourth discipline’ down to a fine art and saving those all important […]

Florida Ironman and Dermott!

Hello everyone, I am not sure if you know but Dermott yesterday competed in the 10th This was his first Ironman and although I will leave him to fill you all in with the details I thought I would write a post with his times and results. I have not heard from him to find […]

Monaco 70.3 The day before……

Hello everyone, I am sitting here in France watching an animated movie and resting up before my first Monaco Half Ironman race tomorrow. My race preparation was not ideal, on Tuesday 2nd September 2008 my Grandad passed away. My Grandad was a wonderful man and a real inspiration to me, a wonderful friend and someone […]

My fIRST Triathlon Race in years!

Well everybody I am back and can call myself a ‘TRIATHLETE’, This last weekend saw me return to competition. I competed in the Humanrace ‘Bananaman’ triathlon at Eton lake in Dorney. The day started well on Sunday with an easy 30 minute run with my girlfriend, my legs felt alot better than they had done […]