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Open Water Swimming – Keeping Warm!

Everyone feels the cold water to different degrees so you may or may not feel this items are required for yourself, but if you are looking to get in your local swim venue and start getting that in-valuable ‘wetsuit time’ then these could make your swimming so much more comfortable and enjoyable!

RG Active announce three NEW partnerships – No. 1

I first got my hands on the ‘bling’ Carbon G.Air road shoes. These are the top of the range road shoes and are possibly the most comfortable shoes I have ever had on my feet, and I have had a lot of shoes! #KitJunkie

The Power of Social Networking in Effecting Communication

Yesterday morning I went for my usual Thursday morning swim (two on a Thursday; one at 7am, the other at 9pm!) and as I was being driven by my swim buddy I caught up with my twitter friends. The hot debate of the morning was the quality of wetsuits – very important for open water swimming if you’re a triathlete.

Diary of a Novice Triathlete – Day Two

Look. I’m not making excuses, but then it seems so easy to make them. I could have started by training regime last night but there are so many unanswered questions: I’m swimming on August 5th so surely I should hit the pool and see how 30 lengths feels? Or maybe I should just go out and run, that’s probably the quickest way to get fit, isn’t it? I could go cycling – a nice and easy 10k twice around Holme Pierrepont here in Nottingham?

Performance Mouthwear…….

I recently changed my dentist and moved to the dental practise owned and run by one of my RG Active clients based in Kew, SW London.

Have you ever been working really had and bitten down really hard on your jaw. Even if you haven’t been aware of this before you will be thinking about it the next time you are training now you have read this!