Testimonials from Customers!

Hello everyone,

I received this lovely email from an RG Active Client called Joanne and thought it would be good to post it on the Blog.

Here is what Joanne wrote:

I met John about a week before I was due to take part in the UK 70.3 in June 2008. We had a brief chat and I explained that I would find the cut-off time for the swim tricky given that I could only swim breast stroke. John made the bold claim (I couldn’t swim 25metres) that he would have me comfortably swimming front crawl for the London Triathlon in August 2008! On returning from a disappointing half ironman, having suffered 3 punctures and only repair kit for 2, I met up with John for early morning lake swimming in Ham, and have never looked back!

Not only did he have me easily completing the London Triathlon swim in front crawl, but I also went on to complete the Virtuvian in September in under 6 and a half hours, which I genuinely don’t think would have been possible without his support and encouragement during my training. I also knocked ten minutes of my best half marathon time in November 2008, giving me a time that I never thought would be achievable for little old me.

So, in 2009 I will be tackling a marathon, again relying on some hill-training with John, and will throw in the odd sprint distance triathlon for good measure.

I can’t wait!

Jo Godfrey

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