The day before the Majorca 70.3 Ironman…..

Hello Everyone,

Firstly thank you for all of the emails and texts and tweets wishing me good luck for tomorrow’s race, they are greatly appreciated and help keep the motivation high whilst nerves are arriving in full force!

Yes, I am nervous…… I always get nervous.

I get nervous before the Richmond Park 5km races and I am definitely nervous about tomorrow. But don’t think this is a bad thing to get nervous, I think of it as a very positive thing. The nerves tell me first and foremost that I am still passionate and excited about triathlon which is great. Secondly nerves stop me from be complacent and keep me focused on what I want to achieve and how I want to achieve them. Thirdly nerves can be used to help the anticipation and adrenaline build before a race and this can then be used like rocket fuel….. so that is definitely a good thing!!!!!

Tomorrow’s race is the 1st Majorca Ironman 70.3 event. It is being run in the City of Alcudia just down the coast from where RG Active hold their very popular pre-season Training Camp. The weather here is beautiful, the course is awesome, and I am lucky enough to be here with my family and friends to share the occasion with. Racing with me tomorrow are three RG Active clients who are all doing their first Ironman 70.3 races, so I am very excited for them and honoured that I have been able to share this amazing experience with them, they are all ready and now just need to do what they are all capable of and most importantly enjoy every second of the race!

For me this is my second attempt at the 70.3 distance after mechanical issues prevented me from finishing the bike leg at Monaco in 2008? I have no doubt that tomorrow will be a good day for me, and by that I mean I will cross the finish line to receive my medal and t-shirt (which is why we all do these events isn’t it?). Anything after that is a bonus, I have no ideas of times and speeds, I am not chasing a qualifying slot for the World Championships, I want to finish and finish strong and knowing I raced smart. I want my nutrition to be correct, I want my hydration to be correct and I want to finish knowing I could have gone faster so that when I return in 2012, I can go faster!

Yes, I would like to come back next year and make it a regular thing on the RG Active Calendar as it ties in very nicely with the Training Camp we hold every year in March.

Anyway, it is late and I am off to bed now, a full 7 hours sleep before my 5am alarm call.

My race start is 08:30am, with my clients waves starting at 09:00am and 09:10am so let’s hope they aren’t breathing down my neck?

I will make sure that I blog after the race and let you know how we all finished, in the mean time I hope all of you racing this weekend have great races and enjoy yourselves!



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