The London 2012 Olympic Games

Were you inspired?

This is what the organisers for the recent Olympic Games wanted, to “Inspire a generation”.

I can honestly say I was truly inspired and after two and a half weeks of amazing sport I would challenge anyone to to not be inspired.

I wanted to write something about the games, I am a massive sports ‘geek’ anyway, but I have to admit, the London 2012 Olympic Games was the greatest sporting spectacles of my life to date and that is not just because it was held in my home town.

Here are some of my thoughts…

The BBC did their part to make it so amazing. The coverage, both quality and quantity, available to the viewing public was better than any Olympic Games I have ever seen and I am sure the coverage from Rio will struggle to match the same high standards. This quality of coverage gave viewers a rare insight into all the sports, teaching us about the rules, the history, the athletes and also things like sports psychology, so even people with no sporting background could watch and understand the events they saw on their TV and this I think is one reason people could relate to the athletes and become so passionate about the Games.

Another things that was very unique to the London 2012 Olympic Games was the booming social networking World we currently live in. People were able to follow their favourite athletes, read thoughts and see images from deep within the athletes village. These are things ‘normal people’ have never had access to and this gave the athletes less of a ‘superhero’ stigma and people could relate to them. I followed a number of athletes and the official London2012 twitter feed and even went as far a missing some events on TV because I was looking at my twitter feed on my phone… very sad!

One thing I also really liked about the London 2012 Olympic Games was the clever branding of the games and every single event. The venues were stunning with some of the most famous landmarks in London used as backdrops against the different courts and arenas, but it was the way in every shot, every camera angle, every photo from the games had a logo strategically positioned, you will not see many images from the games where the Olympic rings of the London 2012 logo is not visible.

I have to mention the athletes and their performances, not just the British athletes but everyone who competed. For me the pinnacle of sport has to be to represent your country in an Olympic Games. There can be no prouder moment and to actually perform at your best during those games must feel amazing. You have trained and worked and planned everything over four years so that everything comes together on one day and you get one chance to be the best you can be with a global television audience watching your every move… WOW!

London 2012 saw some amazing performances from British athletes (The Brownlee brothers, Mo Farah, Jessica Ennis, Bradley Wiggins, Victoria Pendleton, Chris Froome, Sir Chris Hoy etc.) many of whom have shot from relative obscurity to household names over the last two and half weeks and for a few their lives will never be the same again.

Sport has this power to transform lives and if this doesn’t motivate people as much if not more than those silly reality TV shows, nothing will. The people we all watched compete for their country were ‘real’ people, there was no script, no fake tan or bad accents, no desperate attempts for fame, it was people who train hard, are dedicated to a passion that they have and want to be the best at their discipline or event more then anyone else in the World… these are the people who children should look up to and use as their role-models, not some muppet from Essex who dropped out of school to work in a tanning shop and gets filmed going to night clubs?! (Sorry rant over).

So, where was I…

Yes, the London 2012 Olympic Games was possibly the best major sporting event to date setting the standard for ALL events in the future including the FIFA World Cup, NFL Superbowl etc.

It is now a week since the closing ceremony finished and the Olympic Games officially ended. I have found myself struggling for TV to watch and that two week high that the whole country seemed to be living with me. I can only hope that the Paralympics is covered by Channel 4 even half as well as the BBC did with the olympic Games and that should see me through until the Football season is back underway.

Since the Olympic Games the RG Active sessions have been packed with some of our biggest attendances all year. I really hope that the Olympic Legacy really sticks and people continue to be inspired by what truly was an amazing sporting spectacle.

See you all soon, apologies for the mid-blog rant! haha


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