Training for Triathlon and racing yourself fit!

Hello Everyone,

I am sitting at my computer watching the live coverage of the Giro d’Italia and updating the RG Active website with our new SpeedoSwim Packs‘ and dates for the next available Open Water swim and Brick session dates/times.

As I sit here I am gutted to hear about the recent Floyd Landis Interview that has hit the press. Unfortunately Floyd Landis has felt the need to finally admit he used performance enhancing substances and in admitting that has decided to drag other riders into the frame and as a result dragged the sport of cycling down into the gutter yet again!

If you are interested in reading this interview between Floyd Landis and ESPN click here.

It is such a shame, the sport is seeing a real high especially in the UK with the new SKY Cycle Team being launched at the beginning of this year and after denying the use of banned substances for so long, Floyd Landis has decided to carry out this interview and as always it has overshadowed everything that is good in cycling, does he not have any ‘Love of the Sport’ left?

I have had my rant and now and going to talk about good, new exciting stuff…….

Firstly, have any of you been watching the Giro d’Italia on Eurosport? The weather has been unbelievably bad and the riders (including Britain’s Bradley Wiggins) have been racing in some of the most disgusting weather conditions over the first of the three major Tours. There has been some quite Epic stages already this year and the hardest week is yet to come as they head for the Mountains next week!

I am back at Eton this weekend to race in the 3/4 Olympic distance race organised by Humanrace. The weather is supposed to be better than we had last weekend at the Eton Supersprints also organised by Humanrace where it rained and was freezing cold! I am looking to keep upping my distance to Olympic distance, a distance I have not raced over for a number of years.

I have been concentrating on my cycling and getting back into the tri-bar type riding style that is popular with triathletes. I was lucky enough to get myself a Time Trial bike from RG Active partners ‘triandrun‘. You will see me coming with my white Pro-Lite Espresso frame and Pro-Lite disc wheel that stands out somewhat! haha

This leads me nicely on the the London Dynamo TimeTrail Series in Richmond Park. This is a series that started in 2009 and consists of three races all held early morning in Richmond Park. The roads will be ‘car free’. The races are divided into male and female categories and then road bike and TT bike categories. The TT category if foe bikes like mine (pictured above) with deep section wheels, aero/tri-bars etc. where the road bike category is for ‘normal’ bikes, NO deep section wheels, NO aero/tri-bars. I think this is a great way of racing and it is one of the purest forms of racing…. YOU AGAINST THE CLOCK, over 10.4 miles with nothing but you and your legs to push the pedals round faster and faster!

I will be entering the first race and probably the second, so it would be awesome if we can get some more of the RG Active Race Team and Cycle Kit on show for these races? The last race clashes with the London Triathlon so I will probably not be racing at that one?

The RG Active Race Team has been busy building momentum since it’s launch in January 2010. We have grown to over 50 members now and have already had some great race results. Many of the Team raced last weekend at the Eton SuperSprints, it was awesome to have fellow members there supporting you and cheering you on in less than perfect weather conditions.

Have a look at the RG Active YouTube video above and see some of the RG Active Race Team competing in the 30th Anniversary of the famous Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon in San Francisco USA.

Well I am going to leave this BLOG entry here, as it is lunch time and there is only 10km to go in today’s Giro stage. I have been writing this and the cyclists have completed over 60km, that is impressive, or I am really really slow and typing! haha

Speak again soon, keep training, racing and keep ENJOYING!!!!


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