Wetsuit Ban at Eton July 4th and 5th 09v – “WHAT DO I DO???”

Hello Everyone,

I have just received a number of emails from some of you about the announcement from Humanrace about this weekend’s King Sturge triathlon, Timex Women’s Only triathlon and the Steelman triathlon races all being held at Eton this weekend.

I understand the organiser’s reason for this, the rules do state that water temperature over 22 degrees is declared NON Wetsuit. However I also understand many of you like to swim in your suits, and in some cases rely on your wetsuits for the buoyancy that they offer.

It is frustrating that we train so hard to swim better in our wetuits and start to use them to our advantage only to have a freak week of weather in Britain to have that wetsuit and that ‘comfort blanket’ taken away from us!

I am afraid I can only offer advice and keep my fingers crossed that the weather changes and water temperature drops????

– Take your wetsuit with you on race day and keep your fingers crossed, it is Britain so anything can happen!

If the event remains Non-Wetsuit ….

– Remember everyone will be in the same position you are.

– 99% of people would prefer to have their wetsuit on than swim without it.

– You know you can swim and do the distance (and have probbly done it one hundred times in the pool), you don’t need to change your stroke or adjust ANYTHING. Remember to keep your head down and this will keep your feet and bum on the surface as you will not be quite so buoyant without your suit so your head position is more important than ever!

– RELAX, as always if you relax you will swim faster and your body position will remain where you want it, on top of the water.

– RELAX again, you never relax enough the first time so relax again and ENJOY the swim, it is very rare that you get the chance to swim open water, in the UK without a suit on so ENJOY it and chalk it up to a new experience!

– For those of you doing the shorter distances, start fast as we do in training, get up to speed and then using the speed you have generated keep it going and get into your rhythm, as I said before, you KNOW you can swim the distance as you have done it many times in training and racing so just think about your own race, and I promise you will enjoy it more than you think!

I will be at Eton on Saturday and Sunday wearing my RG Active kit so look out for me and if you have any questions please come and see me.

EVERY single one of you that I have seen swimming over the last 2-3 months is more than capable of swimming with or without a wetsuit so please remember what I always say………


A few other things to remember on Race Day in the extreme weather conditions we seem to be having at the moment:

– If it remains this hot make sure you DRINK and DRINK and DRINK as much fluid as possible before and during the race. If you normally have one bottle then this weekend take two, if you normally drink one full bottle before the race, then this weekend drink twice as much. If you don’t hydrate properly you WILL suffer with cramps or fatigue so please drink.

– A few people have asked “What do I wear in a non-wetsuit swim?” Well, you wear your tri-suit if you have a tri-suit. If you have tri-shorts and a jersey, only wear the jersey if it is TIGHT fitting, if it is not tight put it on in T1 after the swim because it will only hold you back in the water. You might also want to think about a number belt if you don’t already have one, as trying to pin your number on in T1 will take a bit of time?

I hope these all help and make your race weekend a little easier, I know a number of you are a little worried about the non-wetsuit issue but try to just enjoy it, it a very rare occasion that this happens (to my knowledge only the second or third in the last 5,6,7 years) so you are doing something new and you should always embrace change and have the ability to role with whatever is placed in your path.

Have a FANTASTIC weekend everyone, enjoy your racing, enjoy the Wimbledon Finals and the British Superbikes.

On a different note, RG Active have started running BRICK sessions and TRANSITION TRAINING in Richmond Park. these sessions are designed to help people learn the finer points of transitions and save those valuable seconds (or minutes) between the 3 disciplines of swim, bike and run.

Below is a YouTube Video of the last RG Active BRICK session and as you will see it is for EVERYONE!

More details are available and dates will be published online soon. Email us or visit www.rgactive.com

These sessions will be available to a limited number of people per session and run through out July and August.

I hope to see you at the event this weekend and if not at a RG Active event/session very soon,

Stay fit, stay healthy and keep enjoying yourselves!


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