What lovely weather we are having…..

Hello everyone,

Well it is a bank holiday Monday and I am sat at home looking out at the rain……. I have not trained today as I really don’t fancy riding in this nasty weather and I went swimming yesterday morning and ran yesterday evening.

This is the time when I should really think about getting myself a turbo (indoor) cycle trainer?

If any one has any questions about turbo trainers feel free to drop me an email, I have used various different trainers in the past and would be more than happy to offer my advice on what I think is good and worth investing in.

Turbo trainers are great for a number of reason. If you are a person that has limited time especially during the week when you get home from work, or on a day like today when the weather is so miserable a turbo trainer will allow you get a quality session in and not take up hours and hours.A rough rule is that a turbo session can be doubled up, so an hour on a turbo trainer will be equal to 2 hours on the road, this is because on a turbo you constantly have resistance on the rear wheel and at no time can you coast (free wheel). A turbo trainer also makes it a lot easier to structure a session, you can ride to heart rate, do intervals, watch cadence etc all much easier than you can when you are out on the road.

If any one wants to know a couple of good turbo sessions please feel free to drop me an email and I will be happy to share a few with you, I have a number of good sessions in my training diaries from the past!

Anyway, I am going to leave this post right here, I am spending the rest of my day watching my third favourite thing in the world (after my family and my triathlon, in that order) the motorbikes. It is British Superbike Round at Donnington Park and RG Active’s friend Shane ‘Shakey’ Bryne (see picture) is leading the Championship so I will be cheering him on! See his website www.shakey.com!

I hope everyone enjoys their bank holiday weekend and I look forward to seeing or hearing from everyone very soon,


One thought on “What lovely weather we are having…..

  1. Phil Paffey says:


    How do you motovate someone to ride in windy conditions?

    How do you prepare for windy conditions and how can you find a way of making the most of windy conditions?

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